Is there a place for a small humble miner nowadays?

Hey all,

I am a returning player. I have had several accounts and have been basically a PVE player all my EVE-life.

After 2 years OFF I am a very busy man IRL I just want to log in and have some relaxing times mining and making some profits. Not necessarily immense fortunes. Just some iskies and/or producing some stuff. Would have some fun with some company, maybe I should join an indy corp if they even exist nowadays.

I remember the days where any small highsec indy corp would be wardecced and destroyed with no mercy LOL.

Not sure if you know this, but War Decs were changed to where unless a corporation owns a structure, they cannot be war decced.

so even if you have your own corp of alt miners what have you, as long as you don’t put a structure up, you won’t be decced.

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