LF Pirate , Ganking or mining industry corp

hello everyone, im not new to eve online. Been a player for many years,say around 10 ish years , One thing i have never done is been a Ganker Pirate etc, I thought i wanted to be a miner and make isk but not sure if u can make bank in hi sec ?
so im asking for people to help me out here does anyne know a great corp , alliance that can really help me out achieve greatness in either ganking or in mining if mining do we have protection or if ganking well i know there are plenty of targets out there so feeding me wouldnt be a problem lol

thank you for your help and advice in advance …

i know im everywhere from pirate ganking to mining or industry after doing war in nullsec for 10 plus years i wanted to try something new, so on the fence on what exactly weather making isk in mining or as bad pirate ganker

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