what is ccp going to do with this crap of corps having holding corps for there stations so they don’t get dec this is killing high sec dec

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It’s a f*&king joke…

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They aren’t going to do anything.

Declare war and kill the citadel if they don’t get anyone in to give you fights.

Depending on fit and processes going on, drops and salvage are from a couple of hundred million to half a billion mostly, with the rare golden drops occurring.

It makes ok ISK.

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Agree with @Scipio_Artelius, not really sure I see the problem.

The structure is almost certainly the biggest asset they have, so it’s the logical target anyway.
If they defend it you get your fights and if they don’t take your payday and move on.

You could always just gank them if blowing up their ships is the priority.


Becasue you end-up playing wack-a-mole, never knowing who owns what and where. WarDecs are pointless now as everyone has just hidden their assets behind these tiny corps.

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