Understanding wardecced structures

Many corporations use a holding corp to own a structure, preventing the main corp from being wardecced. I have a question about structure defence if the holding corp gets wardecced.

Obviously the wardeccers can shoot the structure without turning suspect. If they don’t turn suspect, how can the defenders shoot them legitimately?

By “legitimately” I assume you mean “without CONCORD interference”. From my limited understanding:

  • Have combat alts (“yay alts” said no one) individually join the wardecc’d holding corp, or
  • Have your corp join as allies in the war (defeats the purpose of the holding corp)
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That’s what I thought. The corp can’t fight as they are, they need to join the holding corp.

they can propose their help

If they wanted to fight to defend the structure, why would they join the holding corporation in the first place?

The entire point of the “holding corp” is to avoid the evil sociopath grief-dec PvP in the first place, is it not?


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