Citadel Defense Question

A friends corp has just been wardec’d. I have a character that has the roles to take control of the friends structure but not in their corp or at war.

Will I be allowed to man the defenses and fight to defend the structure.
If yes will there be any consequences for that toon.

I believe the answer is, no.

You can offer assistance, and join the war, though.

EDIT: Im not certain though, but i think i tried a while ago and it didnt allow me to.

Structure safety is locked green. Typically if you’re the pilot and someone shoots you, you can shoot back. I’m not sure how this works with structures, either, but there’s no harm in trying to fire on the aggressors. At worst you won’t be able to fire.

The answer is no. You must be in that corp and participating in the war to be able to shoot the guns at war targets. A high-sec structure is also worthless against suspects. Only useful against war targets.
Meaning you can’t shoot suspects in a structure.

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