Structure War Dec in High Security space


I’m a solo and casual player in HS space and I realy love EVE for is open world, industry and market activities.

Three weeks ago I bought and anchor my own structure and I am in war with other course big corporation who will destroy it next week.

I understand the risk/benefit in EVE is important but, in fact, the reality is that for a casual, new or small corp players it is simply impossible to own any structure even in high security space.

It’s a sad news, because a player structure is an important and very positive gameplay topic in EVE and lot of players are excluded.

Why not changing it, may be with some restrictions for instance not allowing local market place because I can understand that for other player it is also a important gameplay topic to fight for market domination in HS.

OP makes a point, personally, I’m staying away from structure deployment until something changes, if ever. But many of us don’t want to join a large alliance and become a drone as you are still excluded from commanding a structure base, among reasons.

We have no counter to being war dec’d, except maybe hire mercs and hope they handle it. I suspect you’ll be running at a net loss real quick and let’s be real, its not fun, might as well unsub for an extended break. Some won’t come back.


Yes you do. Since December you can form a war-immune corp and thus have a 100% counter to wars. You can even use a shell corp to deploy a structure to have one and still be immune to wars.

But no, CCP isn’t going to give you invulnerable structures. There absolutely needs to be a way to remove a structure or compete for a moon or a market or an industrial index. That’s literally the game.

So OP, if you aren’t interested in defending a structure, you shouldn’t deploy one. The responsibility of arranging a defence is a basic tradeoff for all the benefits structures provide you. This is never going to change.


“if you aren’t interested in defending a structure, you shouldn’t deploy one”

The fact is that it’s just impossible for us, so it’s realy simplier to say that : sorry guys but this part of EVE gameplay is not for you.

This is the true.

It is true. Don’t fly (or anchor in space) something you aren’t willing to lose.

It’s not impossible to defend your structure, you just may need to make or hire friends, same with everyone else in this game. No one has guaranteed safety or free protection for their structures - even the largest groups in the game have to spend effort and resources defending their stuff and also fail to defend them and lose them regularly.

If you set the bar at complete safety, then yes, much of Eve’s gameplay is locked out from you. That is true.

That said, hopefully CCP will follow through with more FLEX structures they promised which should be cheaper and perhaps you will be more comfortable risking.


Mutually exclusive. Something cannot be positive and exclude lots of people. Besides, structures are exclusively not positive. They only mean grinding, unrewarding fights, hassle and waste.

You can make friends with someone who has one and get nearly all the benefits without the associated wardec headaches or fuel costs.

Indestructible places to do industry are NPC stations. You have to do a lot of industry before the costs stack up to the investment you’re making in fuel blocks. Borrow someone else’s engineering complex, and that expense probably decreases quite a bit.

There are structures left unmolested all throughout highsec. If you’re losing yours, perhaps think about where you’ve placed it or how it attracted attention in the first place. New Eden is a big place and there’s probably a place it can sit unnoticed, at least for a time.

The difficulties of structure ownership encourage people to reach out and form relationships with their fellows. As a case in point, this communication came about because of that difficulty. As much as we don’t like being forced to rely on others, I think we are healthier for it when we do. I would go so far as to say that because we don’t like to rely on others, a good MMO is going to find a way to force us to, for our own good.


Is this thread for real?

For YEARS the player base has been asking for wars to change, mostly to tie them into structure mechanics to protect new corporations and alliances, as soon as CCP make these changes we now have players complaining that wars are tied into structures and they can’t defend them.

You need to be more realistic with your expectations.

  1. When you only play casually, then you do not deserve your own structure, because you can not defend it.

  2. When you are a new player, then you do not deserve your own structure, because you can not defend it.

  3. I am in a small corp. We have structures. They’re still up. The problem, thus, is you.


With respect to the OP, and some understanding of how he is feeling, I really have to agree with many of the other replies.
I am in a small corp, we deployed a structure, we were war-decced, and great fun ensued. Rather than causing me to want to un-sub, I had some of my best fun in the game ever. You may lose your structure, but hopefully that steels your determination for another - do some recon - figure out what makes a good spot and find one - make some friends… enjoy and good luck!


don’t put up any new structures learn how to fight you somebody else’s for a while

You don’t get decced as much as you think, unless you’re in prime places. And then you’re asking to get decced. I was in a pocket of systems yesterday, in three systems there was one NPC station and one player structure. High sec. Find that system or others like it, and you’ll be able to do all you wish in a structure, without worry.

Have you tried contacting some of the locals or some neighbors in close by systems? You can easily enlist their help and band together to form a mutually beneficial agreement to defend your structures.

I admit it is a daunting task to attempt to defend these solo (depending on who is taking it down), but that’s the thing… Eve is an MMO and all of our actions effect each other good and bad. So I suggest reaching out to people and seeing what you can scrounge up.

To the main issue with your request. Yes if you can defend it, it will be blown up and that goes hand in hand with the whole reason why Eve Online is unique and really neat. All of our actions effect each other and the plbetter player finds ways to adapt. I don’t mean this to be offensive, but maybe instead of seeming entitled to owning a structure without any resistance trying to blow it up seek out better options. You do have options. Don’t listen to anyone that would empower you to be a weak and bad player. Even a player that is mostly interested in PVE can easily navigate the waters you find yourself in.

I wish you luck!

You can always join an alliance with some structures, deploy your own and share the defense.

Hi Sec indy is in a tough spot. Even if you check if the cit owner is in a war and they are not someone can declare war, 24 hours later reinforce it then 24 -/+2 hours later reinforce it again to hull and lock your manufacturing jobs.

So building jobs over 48 hours in a cit is a huge risk. So now you have to login daily to update jobs to be safe and risking 700mil in a cit is what it takes to make 20 mil per ship instead of 5.

The only lesson you learn is if you have to log in every day for hi sec manufacturing you may as well fly a vni to a haven for 20 minutes every day because you get more control of your destiny.

A jump freighter seller who has sold 8 of them then one gets locked and wipes out all the profit from the entire enterprise. A guy making 10 mil profit per ishtar gets one 3 run job locked he just lost 70 ishtars worth or profit.

3/4 of the available gameplay is not “for me” because i do my stuff on my own. Bouhou that’s unfair.

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I hear that there is a rather robust industrial complex and marketplace set up in perimeter that is open for nearly anyone to use. at very reasonable rates.

Some things never change :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You may also join some renter corp where you can deploy your structure and leave the defense to your local overlord for a reasonable amount of iskies.
Anyway you either fight or pay (or both), best make some friends or at least allies with similar interests.

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