War Dec Replacement

All corps/Alliances that have a structure in a system are automatically and permanently at war with other corps/Alliances that have a structure in that system. :skull: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


I like the thinking, but why be limited by structures? Let’s just expand racial conflict.

If you are Caldari, you are at war with Gallente.
If you are Ammar, you are at war with Minmatar.

Just being in the game has you at war permanently with someone, which seems very fitting for EVE.

To make PVE viable, beef up the NPC response in each faction, so Gallente can feel reasonably safe in Gallente space, etc., but still not perfectly safe.


Because it puts a minimum waiting period on when new players have to worry about war threats. If you have a structure in a system you’re either successful enough to buy your own structure or have progressed through the learning period and joined a player corp. If you’re flagged for combat the moment you undock from the tutorial station you’re going to have a lot of newbies getting killed before they have any clue what’s going on.

Of course the real answer is to go back to the old war system where every corp is a potential target and then introduce social corps that are immune to war but pay the same automatic taxes to CONCORD as an NPC corp (and TBH increase that tax rate considerably). Same end result of giving players a brief learning period before they become targets, but without tying the fun of PvP to the utter dumpster fire of the current structure mechanics.

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I was being a bit facetious. The whole post needs to be read as one. While I would like to see the forever wars expanded to everyone, it’s not going to happen.

Happy Cake Day!

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