The War Problem

Howdy. I’ve been thinking about this whole wardec change, and I’ve come up with a few ideas. I’d like to hear opinions on them, and even counter-ideas. Here goes.

  1. Don’t make wardecs dependent on structures. That really, really limits the scope of wardecs to the point that no one will use structures, to avoid getting wardec’d, and thus no one will use the wardec system, making the whole thing a complete waste of time and money. Nothing to see here. Carry on.

  2. Do make it so that to declare war on a corp, you must have a casus belli, a reason for war. Say a member of Corporation A suicide ganks a member of Corporation B. Corporation B will then have a lossmail which grants them a casus belli for, say, a week against Corporation A. Or people could put out contracts on corporations, mercs could take them granting them a casus belli against a corporation. Or, say two corporations have structures in the same system. They are now competing for territory and resources, granting them each a casus belli on the other. This idea solves the issue of wars needing to have goals, and also gives you a reason to use citadels as a foothold in highsec. This idea was shown to be terrible so let’s not do that.

  3. Do make it so that in order for a war to continue, there must be active fighting. If combat between the two warring corps does not happen for 24-48 hours, CONCORD declares the war over and invalidates it, unless one corp has reinforced a structure belonging to the other. This idea solves the issue of wars continuing as long as the attacker is able to pay for it, keeping their targets locked down indefinitely, or at least makes it much more difficult.

Tell me your thoughts!


1 isk contract from my alt corp. I declare war. Just like now. Suicide gank from a spy alt.
Remove contracts. Basically no wars can ever happen instead.

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You make a good point there.

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Bruh CCP pulled a sneaky one on ya

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Yeah, now I feel a little silly. Still, my third idea stands. :sweat_smile:

I look forward to the change

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