Two Wars

After reading the many threads on the wardec issues, and dreading the “hammer approach” fix that breaks so many legitimate wars and makes all structures owned by alt corps; I decided to offer a suggestion that is more targeted and doesn’t screw with structure ownership.

The UI supports two kinds of wars:

  1. Mutual, just like it is now only free, because it is mutual.
  2. Declared, this is a forced war on an unwilling corp, same as now only there are no kill rights in high sec.

Mutual wars are already free - some have been going on for years (i.e. RvB)

War declarations are only relevant in highsec - you don’t need CONCORD approval to fight anywhere else. What purpose would a highsec war serve if you can’t legally shoot your opponent?

If the goal is to create a reasonable risk/reward balance for structure gameplay, it really doesn’t matter if the structure is “owned” by a holding company - it can still die.

Besides in low sec?

Players in lowsec can shoot each other without CONCORD interference. They take a hit to security status but -10 is a badge of honor these days - use an ALT for Jita runs. It’s also unlikely that the kind of players who want to avoid conflict will choose to live in lowsec.

So you don’t play in low sec, ok, got it.

Correct - but you had a 95% chance of being right, the lowsec lifestyle has limited appeal and I’m not qualified to discuss how or even if that needs to be “fixed”. But I don’t see the connection to wardecs which seem to have little relevance outside CONCORD patrolled space.

If you played there you would.

I was in low sec for years and freely killed anyone jumping in to Ihakana. Without concord interference.

Luckily I had a ton of alts to ferry all the stuff i needed to keep going once my sec was too low.

Absolute truth.

And there was nothing else that a war sec kill right would have changed?

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