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Quick question. I’m in a corp who has sent out an email stating that we are wardecing another corp. Since I’m new, I’m mostly getting my feet wet in high/mid sec. As it comes to wardecs, if Im in a .8 system and I come across someone in the corp that mine has wardec’d, am I free to engage them and visa versa? I wast sure of the rules of engagement and would rather not have Concord blow me up.

Yes, once the aggression period commences (after 24 hous from the declaration), you are free to shoot them anywhere at anytime and vice versa.

It’s a good idea to:

  1. keep local chat open and on top so you can see whether war targets are in system easily
  2. not fly anything bling that you don’t want to lose, without a scout or escort
  3. if continuing to PVE, d-scan and watch for combat probes continuously

As a side note, there isnt really a thing called mid sec. Its either hisec or lowsec, and the distinction between the two is clear cut.

Otherwise, happy hunting! Wardecs can be loads of fun.

Yes, that’s exactly the purpose of wardecs, to be able to freely engage other players in high sec without CONCORD intervention. You may learn more about wars here:

If that’s your main concern, just make sure your safety setting is enabled (green), or at the very least partially enabled (yellow). You won’t be able to do anything that might get you CONCORDed whether at war or not.


Worst response I’ve read in a long time.

Better than yours.

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In the right corp, wardecs are actually fun.
e.g. how else should we tear down all those abadoned Highsec structures?

Hehe from now on I’m gonna refer to lowsec as midsec.


If you’re worried about rules of engagement, one way to ensure that Concord won’t blow you up is to keep your safety set to green in high-sec. You will not be able to commit an offense that would get you Concorded while your safety is green.

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