About wardeckers in High Sec and solution

We all know that Wardeckers (Mercwars) is a big issue in Eve since the deckers dont get any sort of penalties except loosing isks because of their actions. And we all must agree that Wardeckers is basicly Pirates in Hi Sec and should be treated as such with the factions.

So we have came up with an idea that might solve this issue.

Either the wardeckers and all their members get a low up to heavy security loss if it repeats in that region (faction) where the corp they are targeting for every war they start against those. And this will also include every member that chooses to join that corp during the time the war is active so people cant just jump in after it started. This will make em think twice by attacking those regions.
I mean since these corps that gets attacked are living within these regions usually also pays some sort of taxes to that regions Faction and should be able to maintain some kind of protection or influences with in those factions area

Or second option that may not be the best because people will surely use it to their advantage but could be very handy, and is that when the aggressor attacks that region where the corp has set their office they will not be able to dock in that region. This can be solved so the aggressors may dock in Major trade hubs ofc but not in other hubs with in the region where the Corp has their “base” or maby 2-3 jumps out from that possition. This protection will only be applied to just that corp not the alliance…Just so people cant exploit this mechanic

So with these thoughts texted, something must be done to these merc wars and must have some sort of penalty cause pirates in Hisec cant just do as they please without getting penalties for it or be able to hide when they are known for their cowardice acts

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Your idea already exists in-game and is part of the game-play mechanics that make Low-Sec unique.

If you’re advocating that large portions of High-Sec be adjusted to Low-Sec to increase the risk to war-deccers, I can wholeheartedly support! +1


Well im talking about Hisec wardeckers but thnx will change the Topic so no misunderstanding will occur. But no, dont want it to change nothing to more low sec just to adjust so the aggressors in High sec gets lower security status or cant dock up like cowards so even other people can help out protecting their regions and friends. Or even for those that like to hunt Pirates as a living has a shot for some more contents

What exactly is cowardish about what they do? Most often it’s the defending party that’s acting cowardish, by not even trying and instead complaining on the forums. Often enough these complaints are disguised as badly written ideas written by people who are having a hard time forming a single, proper sentence.

So, why are they cowards again? and why are you angry?


Angry not at all :slight_smile: im just stating the fact that Factions are endorsing Pirate activities in High Sec that doesn’t make sense. Its not like im against Pirates or anything cause it fills up the galaxy with differences and excitements. Seems more that its you that is afraid of changes so High sec residents actually can do something about these bullies. I call it cowardice when they usually just plant some neut and/or use neuts in fleet running logi that nobody can touch, to scout and then go in and hit targets that barely can do anything back. And when they meet firepower that actually can do something against em they flee and dock up. So yeah most war dickers are pretty cowards. And no im not complaining im just suggesting some changes to get this game more interesting

Maybe you should read the lore before trying to use it as a cheap reason for your not very original idea to get rid of a core element of the gameplay you just happen to dislike because you are to lazy to defend your stuff.

The factions in EVE have no interest in capsuleer afairs. That is what CONCORD is for and they have different rules than we would expect in the real world since capsuleers are immortal infomorphs and no longer mere human.


Strange so whats up with that they are suddenly interested in low sec activities then ? Seems like i need to read the angles of this religion called lore…and it doesn’t adds up to me since agents you are doing missions for are pretty friendly and acts as you’re a person of interest

Why, they dare to attack another player in a competitive sandbox game without asking permission first of course. Those wardeccers don’t arrange in advance for an honourable battle according to the eBushido Carebear Code, but rather deign to engaging in spaceship PvP on their own initiative.

So, your idea is that in order for me to remove your Engineering Complex that is jacking up the industrial indices in my system, I have to become an enemy of the local NPCs and both fight you and your defence fleet, as well as the Faction Navy for the hour or more it takes to explode the structure? Talk about wanting to tilt the game in your favour.

As for the second idea, while I hate station games as much as the next guy, locking people out of stations seems a bit heavy-handed and would tilt the battlefield significantly in favour of one side. Therefore, if station docking is such an issue that needs to be fixed perhaps both sides of the war could be locked out of the stations so that things are more equal? Or maybe it would be simpler if you really don’t want people docking in “your” station, you could actually deploy a private station and use the access control list to prevent your opponents from docking there.

But ultimately New Eden is suppose to be a war-torn place. Wars are suppose to exist, even ones declared by ‘cowards’. I see really don’t see the issue you are trying to workaround as is the nominal purpose of this forum section. Everything is working as intended.


quite funny i get only replies from pirates trying to get their game more in their favor ^^ but well dont have to be that to heavy security loss but just so wardeckers cant spam to much wars without having to watch their backs cause its ridiculous how they can just spam out wars just so they can bully weak players. And no you seem not to know a thing about high sec people, its not all about care bearing but to build connections and business. But seems you’re already some lost children in grief and despair so no use to discuss things in a proper manner

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I don’t know what you are talking about. I did not propose a single change that would alter the balance of the game. I sardonically pointed out the obvious self-interest in your suggestion.

Wars are basically fine. Station games are annoying, but wars themselves work as a tool to put pressure on highsec corps and limit their income potential and are absolutely necessary to remove structures in highsec.

You are not entitled to be left alone in this game, and it would be bad game design to just pile penalties on the other guy at no cost to you. If you want safety, you need to earn it by taking precautions. Highsec has never been safer nor have prosecuting wars been more difficult. Stop asking for the rules of the game to just be rewritten in your favour.


Not talking about safety at all, just to make it more fair against wardeckers that spreads their wars like its a cheap commodity at new playes to show off their extension toys

Sorry to break it to ya bud, but Eve isn’t a game based on fair-play, chivalry, or honor.

What the posters above have been trying to communicate to you, is that players in this game play, first and foremost, to win. That includes… seemingly unfair tactics, blanket wardecs, and neutral logi (in highsec). This also includes 100v1 fights, neutral falcon alts, and suicide ganking.

The beauty of this game is that this is ALL allowed. If you want to change someone else’s behavior, suit up and get ready to get your hands dirty, because you’ll need the same kind of attitude and a keener mind to enforce your will.

Asking the dev’s to change Eve because other players are “not playing fair” is simply not an option.


ehh i know about that so you’re not breaking a thing at all for me since i know how war works…and could you stop trying to talk around the subject all the time :slight_smile: but thnx for having such a fulfilling argument…seems you´re having a hard time to read what its actually about not the other stuff you´re taking up from thin air which i´m not having a problem with…Like i said im not having problems with pirates and gankers only that wardeckers getting away so easy with their activities which gankers aint since they loose sec status in high sec which wardeckers aint

Wardeccers pay a lot of ISK and the risk is there wouldn’t be anything to shoot because their targets were too smart to stick around and fight back. (the whole point of wardecs is to push you out of highsec/get you thinking outside of highsec.) Wardeccers compete with each other for targets, business opportunities (racketeering and extortion types of things)

I think the standings thing is horrible and that’s why I don’t do missions or FW

I personally lean towards a real risk = reward game design and I think it’s awful you can AFK run sites like 4/10’s and 5/10’s in highsec. Wardeccers provide a great service keeping you sharp.

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seems you´re having a hard time to read what its actually about

  • Do you even read what you write? It’s a mess! Have you heard of commas? They add structure to a sentence, to prevent text sausages! If you don’t know what a text sausage is, then look at your own posts! Even IF you are not a native english speaker, your english seems fine enough, but it lacks any and all structure, which is important!

  • You call wardeccers pirates, because you think they are pirates, yet they are wardeccers, so stop calling them pirates, because they’re not!

  • Your post is written in the wrong subforum.

  • it is incredibly hard to believe that you are not affected by wardecs and it is even harder to believe that you post out of a good heart! You call wardeccers pirates, exposing your true feelings about them!

  • Your “idea” heavily penalizes the deccers in favour of those who have been naturally selected! If the deccers hide from your defense, then that’s how it is! If it really was the case, then you wouldn’t just come here and ask for penalization! The wardeccers have to mass dec everyone, thanks to CCP completely ruining the profession! It’s all well documented!

  • Don’t use new players as argument! If wardecs cost 5 million isk, like they used to a long time ago (apologies if that’s off, but they were damn cheap!), then the game would be FULL of new people wardeccing each other!!

Mate. Wardecs are borked and broken, we all know that. If you want to have this fixed, then address those who actually caused the problems: CCP! Not the wardeccers! They just play according to what CCP allows and the history of nerfs and the respective complaints are well documented on the old forums!

Wardeccers get away “easily”, because people like you let them! There’s no sign of creativity showing from your side, like for example planting a bait next to a log-off-trap! Instead you, and all the others like you, come here complaining and asking CCP for changes! Show some self responsibility, learn tactics and just either beat them or ignore them, but for the love of Bob, stop behaving like you’re somehow the “good guy” defending the “poor victims from pirates”, because you’re not the good guy and they aren’t pirates!

Good :point_right::ok_hand:ing morning!

/me drops coffee cup.


Wardecs are perfectly fair. Both sides play by the same rules. The only asymmetry in the rule set favours the defenders who have access to free allies, and who don’t have to pay CONCORD for the privilege of engaging in unfettered PvP action.

If you want to make wardeccers unsafe then take the war to them. If they never leave the docking ring then they are no threat to you and you can go about your business basically ignoring them. Or if you are really that frightened when that blinky notification pops up saying you are in a war, just leave your corp and go back to the NPC corp where you have more safety as is the intended solution to your fear of PvP.

While in hindsight this music video seems more marketing than reality given how much the game was watered down after this video was released, I think you might benefit from viewing CCP’s message to Eve players:


Well guess wardeckers are what they are, some lazy bullies that cant take a challenge to the test and need exploits to make em feel important in life. And who cares about grammar issues when it seems you obviously can read what im writing (cheap argument)

Still you’re just spinning around the subject that you cant agree that wardeckers should be seen as pirates in the eyes of the factions when they repeatedly time after time are attacking all the citizens in their regions

But i guess in real war and war tactics “as you so found called it”, people can just run around on the battlefield helping out with the logistics in the heat of the battle and the enemy will not be able to shoot em cuz they are neuts…

And yeah its CCPs mistake making these exploits happen thats why were trying to address it…but guess they will more care about their golden pockets being afraid that scammers and low life people will cry so hard on reddit when they actually get a challenge in their lives

Mean even the gankers in Nijara has an more fullfilling role in this game and i think those guys does a “legit trade”

Why are they pirates? They have honourably and openly challenged you to glorious combat, throwing down the gauntlet like an noble knight of olde and calling you out. You have 24 hours to accept their challenge and meet them on the field of battle, or you can use that time to get your affairs in order and flee to the NPC corp (or even another player corp) if you lack the cahones to accept their call to battle.

None of that seems especially piratical to me.

I think you just don’t like other players interrupting your non-stop compulsive grinding and have resorted to calling other players names in a futile attempt to get the developers to water down the rules of the game so you can gather in peace imaginary things in a video game that make you feel important in life. You want CCP to gut the competitive aspect of the game so that you can feel you have “won” the game when some number like your ISK balance goes up, even though your were never really at risk to or in competition with the other players and thus could never really lose. Sorry, that isn’t Eve, at least not yet.

Perhaps I am wrong on that though as inferring the motivations of the other people playing in a virtual universe is notoriously dangerous and probably shouldn’t be attempted.

Glorious combat lmao ^^ well then if they are such a glorious fighters then lower security status or not being able to dock shouldn’t be an issue for em. And no im not trying to watering things down but to spice things up making it a fair and a bit more realistic set of game


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