I think a change needs to be made to the Wardec system

Hey guys sorry I’m going to try to clean this up I’m dyslexic

I don’t think you should be able to put a wardec on someone it’s a corporation is below say 30 people because let’s be honest they don’t have the members to defend it.

especially if the corporation 50 or 60 people actively trying to kill them especially for the industry and Mining corporations that’s why a lot of us don’t leave npc corporations

and make our own Corporation because asshats think it’s funny to go after little corporations that have not enough people to defend them self because they’re a small mining Corporation

I can see if you have a hundred people okay then you have enough to maybe do something against 60 or 70 other people CCP really need to consider this change I have lost about six friends because of Wardec

they just quit playing the game because they’ve lost too much I realize it happens especially in high security space it doesn’t have to if CCP would make that simple change

Oh cool, let me start a bunch of one-man corporations and spam Citadels all over hisec risk-free.

One of the higher-ups in The Imperium, Aryth, is on the CSM and has apparently been pushing for changes to wardec mechanics. He seems to be of the opinion that you should be unable to be wardec’d until you put a structure down in space. It’s not a bad idea, honestly.


I think they need to make smaller citadel’s and you can only get into big ones if you have them maybe but your corporation because you’re right they are getting to the point where it’s spam you can’t go until system anymore that has ice without think one a little structures and they’re all one man corp I do agree with that but there’s a way to change that to CCP just has to do it there’s so much potential if they would just think about it and do something about it

Nice stream of consciousness there. Try some punctuation and paragraphs some times, it’ll help organize your text and also make it more likely that people actually bother to read it.

Mandatory EVE snarky response aside, here’s the HTFU response:
If you can’t defend your assets, you should look for someone who can: Join a bigger corp/alliance. This is generally how it works.

Overprotecting small corps has a lot of potential downsides, one mentioned by Quelza above. It could be tweaked though, and indeed, tying it to having some structure anchored (and winning the war being decided by whether the structure still stands at the end?) could make sense.

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Once you play longer you will understand why this is a bad idea.

This : cooperate or suffer.

As mentioned above there is some discussion in the CSM summit minutes of altering the wardec mechanics to require that both aggressor and defender have structures in space that can be destroyed. If you want to play with big boy toys, you should be prepared to defend them, or accept the loss. Likewise, if you want to attack someone, you should have some skin in the game.

As a small industry or social corporation you can rent offices in NPC stations or public Citadels - you don’t need your own. If someone declares war on you, you can drop to an NPC corp or play an ALT for a week to deny them content. Wardecs really are a minor nuisance once you understand them.

Again with the Run-on sentences.

But, short answer to your idea is no, that is stupid.

The long answer is no, that is stupid, and heres why.

The reason why NPC corps cannot be wardecced, is because there is a flat 10% tax that cannot be removed on all your activities involving making isk.

Now, if you own a corp, then that percentage can be changed, and any percent goes into your wallet as a corporation tax.

This the benefit of creating a corp.

So what are the risks?

Well, nothing, if we remove wardeccing under 30 people. People will simply make feeder corps, little corporations in order to go under 30 and continue this activity.

No risk. Not in my hisec.

This was far more incoherent than your usual run-on sentences.

But youre smart to realize that your idea is stupid, except that you seem to want to push it through anyways. Which means that your idea is stupid, you know your idea is stupid, but you want to impliment it anyways, which kinda makes you… well, ill leave that up to your excellent English skills to figure out.

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and why is this in NCQ&A anyway?

I miss the days when Eve’s motto was "Here’s a Spaceship. ■■■■ you."
I fear that the dec system is about to undergo a huge neutering simply due to the volume of people complaining about it. CCP is well within their rights to cater to what the majority of their paying customers scream, and people have been screaming about this for years. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that…They’ve been dumbing down highsec for years now.
As someone who used to find great joy in the war dec and highsec can flipping mechanics in the pre-Retribution days, I feel like Eve has been getting more and more boring ever since.


And I have no problem with wardec if the corporation is big enough to defend itself anything other than 30 people.
you get these huge corporation just out here and Hi security wardec because they can basically blow up a citadel for lol.

I think they’re just has to be limits.

Except you literally dont need anything other than some common sense and discretion to deter and prevent frequent war decs in the first place.

  1. The first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club. no seriously. Learn to not talk about the things you hold dear in this game. Play your cards close to your chest and dont have 6 recruitment threads/in-game adverts active and stupid recruiters slathering all over the in-game channels. Keep your advertising modest and you’ve reduced your merc-attracting publicity by 90%. You’re welcome.

  2. Keep recruitment slow to avoid getting ■■■■■■ over by awoxers and corp theifs. Do your background/API checks prior to recruiting.

  3. Stop hauling your expensive ■■■■ in weak industrials.

  4. Repetitive shiny losses are like blood in the water to merc scouts. They see one of your retarded corp members undock in a purple bhaal or see a history of shiny losses in stupid situations and yeah, they’ll probably sink 50 mil into a dec on your corp without a second thought.

  5. Stop amassing the might of your mining fleets all in the same location. Yeah, i know it makes your dick hard but when someone in a merc corp decides to take a casual stroll through the systems belts to see if there are any decent dec recommendations worth sending up, and sees your mining fleet of 30 hulks and 3 Orcas, what do you think his impression is going to be? Space your mining ops out between multiple belts to thin out the herd. Even better, mine anoms.

The general theme i’m trying to get across here is "out of sight, out of mind."
OPSEC should be a large concern of yours as a CEO; and if it’s not, then expect to defend yourself.

Alas, it is Eve and you’re bound to get a dec eventually, in which case I really do suggest that you take a “no fucks given” approach and just play it for the game it is. You don’t need 30 players to defend yourselves and insisting that you “shouldn’t have to pew” in Eve is like saying you shouldn’t have to stop at red lights while driving, it’s just part of the experience…and i sincerely hope that it stays that way in the future.

Rally your friends and find some cheap pvp fits. You can fit low skill tristans for about 2 mil per and put together a basic kiting drone doctrine; everyone orbit and assist drones to you, for example.

Have fun with it
Just let it happen.

I think aryth’s idea is probably the best, its very easy to do everything you need without placing any structure’s.

If you want that extra juicy rocks to mine and want to place a moon mining athanor then that bonus would need to come at a risk of being war decked.

This will have 3 effect’s; beginners that can’t handle war decks won’t be hell camped into station’s (not the most fun scenario), ore prices will stay at a good value rather than depreciate and 3rdly high sec won’t be in the situation where it has too many structures causing lag everywhere without the option to remove them forcing CCP to intervene and remove them manually (Something CCP try to avoid at all cost’s, I think the only time CCP has had to intervene was because of MOO :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ).

I’m fine with that. Just make the ability to declare war be linked to a new module that can be fit to any structure. Wars themselves stay the same - last 7 days and cost the same (although cost scaling could be revisited) - and the target is informed of the system the structure is in. That automatically puts some ‘skin in the game’ and give a potential target for the defender to counter attack, and does this without changing too many other factors of the system.

Limiting wars to targets with structures could also be done, but that is more work and more problematic. If the main complaint is just that the aggressors dock up all the time, well now they have something in space and you can take the fight to them if you want. I think a social corp (or equivalent) would be a better and cleaner solution to the complaints of the OP that they don’t want to deal with wars but still want to play Eve in a group. Let them have a group but without the ability to tax, deploy structures, etc., but also be safe from wars.

But isn’t this thread, one nearly identical to at least a dozen others, in the wrong forum section? Is the OP planning to run for CSM on a platform of wardec immunity for small corps?

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No it doesn’t need a change and you deserve to suffer for being risk adverse and playing the victim card every time while hiding in highsec. Living in low or null doesn’t take alot of effort especially now when alliances run internal JF services you just need to be a little aware and in some cases donate some of your time to aiding your allies.

This doesn’t apply to people that have just started the game thou, as they lack any knowledge to secure themselves which takes at least a few week’s/months to acquire.

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So, 1 corp has 10 guys and another corp has 10 guys…and Corp A wants corp B to leave system…
but they can not wardec because less than 30 pilots???

no your idea to quote someone above “…is stupid”

So I sympathize with your ideas and have been running on a platform to represent high sec issues with a level of expertise. I felt Aryth has a good start on it but the end fix requires expertise that generally null sec members and fcs lack. (I lived I high sec for years prior to moving) welcome to Check out my campaign thread

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