Wardec Mechanics are really balanced (tm)


It is only after the structure is anchored that matters.

Launching and scooping is a sign of fear.

Then how is that corp still in the war?

This is def fa bug/exploit but nobody seems to care about it :3

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Are you receiving multiple eve mails stating the war start and end date? As it looks like from watching the video that the process on launching then scooping instantly and repeating over and over could be causing what ever bug ?

Long enough question to perhaps help you decide what you need to do to find your own solution.

I think it’s the speed at which you drop the Poco then pull it back in.

Short time ago I was testing pos once I unanchered the war ended

Well the corp is still assisting in the war with no assets in space.

So that part works and it means you don’t even need a secret control tower in some random system on planet X - moon 15 to assist in a war. You can just launch a poco at a planet where you can’t anchor POCOs (tradehubs for example) and assist in a war, scoop the POCO again.
At that point I wonder why it’s even a requirement to be war eligible to assist in a war if it can be circumvented that easily and is not declared an exploit yet even tho I posted this here and on Reddit and somebody from CCP must have seen it.

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If you believe you have encountered or have detailed knowledge of an exploit or bug it is good practice to report it to CCP via the bug report system. Press F12 in game to access it, this will then inform the appropriate team.

They are probably not actively scrolling through reddit or the forums looking for these things as there is a system in place for it.

Thanks in advance,
ISD Kai.

Why is this a problem?

The point of having assets in space was twofold:

  1. defenders can avoid wardecs in the first place by not having any assets in space. This “bug” does not violate this.
  2. attackers can create wardecs by putting something on the line to be destroyed. This “bug” does not violate this.
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Thanks for the tip, I’ll try this.

did it work out? What did you do?
Assist in every war running to shoot everybody? x)

CCP doesn’t care about wardeck mechanics abuse.
BlackFlag drops to new alliances/corps everytime they lose their HQ.
They even invite absolute order who drop corp right after the HQ reffed.

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Sorry maybe I’m a bit slow today but what did BF invite absolute order to

So the CEO of Blackflag, Khromius , and it’s members has been rotating alliances between 3 different alliances ( Blackflag, Vendetta, and from high sec with love coalition ) to actively avoid the 2 week cool down. How is this not a violation of War mechanics. Svendhansen from WeR4 did something similar and y’all banned him for 2 weeks. This should not be allowed to continue. Every active war that they start should be voided and not be able to declare for 2 week. Khromius should be banned for 2 weeks like Svendhansen was.

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That’s not my understanding of it…

“Any corporation that is a member of an alliance at war may leave their alliance at any time. At the time of leaving, all active wars will be copied onto the leaving corporation and they will remain active for their current paid cycle. Those wars may be continued if the respective war bills are being paid by the attackers before the copied wars expire. If a corporation leaving its alliance becomes not eligible for wars, the war will still be copied over to the corp, but it will be begin the war cooldown the same way as if losing war eligibility during active wars”

That’s not what they’re doing. When their hq is destroyed, all their wars drop. They then quit their current alliance, at which point their in a npc, and then join another alliance ran by the same person.

CCP is just doing nothing because else they need to spend developer time to solve the weird mechanics of wardecs. They just postpone the issue every year.

Take a look at how this is worded by the way:

from https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/204873262-Known-Declared-Exploits

Sounds like CCP talks around the main issue (broken mechanics) and only cares about the emotional part.
It doesn’t matter if it’s harassment, because it’s broken. The fact that a group can after loosing instantly continue the same war again, prevents the intended mechanic that punishes them for loosing a war.
It’s basically a circumvention of the intended stuff and should be declared an exploit. It’s like circumventing the ESS gate and go in there with a destroyer to rob it.

That is an exploit, but why isn’t it an exploit if I circumvent the rules:

the attackers will have to wait out an enforced peace for 14 days, meaning they will not be able to re-declare any of the wars that were ended due to loss of their HQ

EDIT: Also this definition is funny:
Wars are a way to settle disputes between player entities

If you declare it an exploit, they will just put 3 alts in 3 different corps and round-robin wardec you one at a time with each of the 3 different groups in the 3 different corps. No jumping alliances/corps by characters needed.

That’s certainly not an exploit.

The real solution is to live while wardecc‘d or take down your structures.


Nothing’s broken. Wars are not between players, they are between corps and alliances. It is the corps and alliances that are war eligible or otherwise…not the players. The system prevents a player re-entering the same corp within 7 days, but there is nothing ‘wrong’ at all in them joining a different corp that declares war on the same target.

After all…a completely unrelated corp might declare such a war, and might contain a new member that was in the former corp that declared war and who simply left. There’s simply no way of differentiating this from deliberate ‘corp swapping’…which is I think why CCP don’t bother.

However, feel free to send CCP some code that would psychically work out whether a player simply left a corp innocently and joined a new one, or whether they ‘corp swapped’ deliberately for wardec.