How To Wardec Non-War-Eligible Corps

So there is currently a new mechanic with the wardec system. We petitioned CCP to get clarification and apparently devs are aware and it is working as intended, not an exploit. So naturally in the spirit of fraternity, we must make sure everyone knows how to use this new mechanic.

Effectively, it allows any player in a corp to flag a corporation as war-eligible without any roles, and subsequently activate the wardec instantly, without a 24 hour countdown.

Step 1) Get an alt into a non-eligible corp (no need for corp roles etc).
Step 2) Buy a Customs Office Gantry and find any planet without a POCO already anchored.
Step 3) Anchor Customs Office Gantry. This flags the Corp as war-eligible, and because it doesn’t count as a corp asset, it doesn’t show up on corp asset lists etc, so nobody will know it’s anchored or where it is.
Step 4) You can either wardec and wait the 24 hours and engage, or you can pull up the gantry, which will instantly start the war, and will immediately begin a ward-end countdown (effectively, an instant short war for ganking individual ships/ops).

We thought this was somehow an exploit of the war mechanics, as it bypasses the role requirement, doesn’t count as a corp structure in assets, and can bypass the 24 hour timer, however we have been informed that CCP is aware of the issue and it is currently working as intended.


This thread should be funny, if that is one of your steps.


Just roll up on a wormhole, or some out of the way highsec and pop an interbus, or sleepy null. Like it’s literally being done right now, so it’s not that difficult to find an un-poco’d or NPC poco’d planet.


OP is whining so hard he’s doing the reverse psychology thing.

Yes, you can clear the POCO that is there, but it is still effort and deserving of a step in your process. You are trivializing the effort it takes to do this. Nobody is going to do this unless you are one of those totally outrageous war-dodging mega-corps that exploit newbies and use shell corps to hold your citadels.

Working as intended.


Do a better job of recruiting trust worthy people instead of just taking tons of newbros for sake of leeching off their taxes.


While I 100% agree with you on this, it still doesn’t make it seem right for something like this to be “working as intended”

Corps are supposed to become eligible because they have a corp owned structure. A POCO that doesn’t even show up on corp assets and can be anchored without roles just doesn’t seem like it should fit that criteria.


…is a corporation owned structure, regardless of whether or not it appears in assets / anchored with/out roles, etc. Unless you can show me a POCO that is specifically owned by an individual.

The change you should be asking CCP is to make POCOs consistent with the rest of the structures, i.e. “have them show up in Corp Assets”. Not crying about how it’s an “exploit”.

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Wait, it is possible to remove corp-owned structures without roles, as well?


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You have always been able to redecc during cooldown without having to wait another 24 hours. But you do get a 24 hours warning initially, and wait the first time. Just like all wars


How is this part of the “exploit” though. Sounds like your run of the mill EVE nefarious trickery.
If you let anyone willy nilly into your corp, you’re accepting a lot danger that you can’t control.


I vividly remember the introduction of this ridiculous change to wardecs and it said ANY structure ANYWHERE in space. You dumbfucks at Icanp are â– â– â– â– â– â– .

Here is a quote from your retarded ceo two hours before your post:

Better finish off the corp and biomass.


You mean the change the OP shouldn’t be crying about :slight_smile:

Corp owned structures should require roles to place, that’s all I’m saying ;).


Yep. Watch your pathetic coward of a CEO run and hide. All he cares about is the glory of being in charge and the ISK from your taxes, the moment he is called upon to show any actual leadership or responsibility he’s gone.


PI is, unfortunately, not a corp activity.

He complains about players quitting, blames it on ccp, but the corp is just sitting there taking a beating and no one’s taking responsibility.

They know they can’t protect their players, aren’t telling them how to survive during a war, but they are still taking on new players. They’re probably still spamming chat with recruitment ads from the safety of stations whilst the noobs they hire run the gauntlet and try to mission and mine to build leadership wealth…


POCOs will show up in corp assets if they are anchored. If they are not anchored they will not.

There really is no “war” here - this is just getting around CONCORD to gank in hi-sec. If any of our fleets approach the gate campers, they run and hide themselves. The only kills they’re getting are people just out trying to mind their own business in high-sec.

EDIT: Not having structures to defend is a basically a war without consequence anyway.

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