POCO placement in wh

Hello all… If I place a Player Owned Customs Office in a wh do I become war eligible?

2 years ago it were like this

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Thanx Lass

To be honest… if you live in a wormhole why would you even care about war eligibility? That’s a high sec mechanic… anyone who would want to shoot your stuff in a wormhole already can do so.

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One of my statics is to highsec so it matters somewhat. You’re right though.

Edit: if you’re really worried about wardecs, the extra step would be to make an alt create a Corp. your main and alts would be in their own corporation that doesn’t own any structures, they just have the permissions to use your ‘shell’ corporation structures you made with your alt.

So your in corp members don’t get shot by randoms in high sec while travelling/hauling

POCO’s don’t make you eligible for a wardec, astrhaus and other dockable structures do.

Yes they do:

You can’t declare war if you only have a POCO (since they can’t be used as a War HQ), but the corp is eligible for a wardec.

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