War Base Structure

So you have to have a structure to war dec.

Assuming you don’t also want to use the structure for industry, are not in a sov situation, and assuming your structure will be attacked.

Which structure to you like?
How do you fit it?
Are there “War Base” specific things that could be done to improve?

Truthfully, you don’t need a tough structure to survive.
You could go the fortizar route if you wanted… or you could drop numerous small structures anywhere.

That’s the rub with the new mechanic. In order to wage war in high sec you need to have a structure deployed in space. It doesn’t have to be high sec, however. You can drop a poco deep in low, anchor an raitaru in some odd wormhole, or have a bazillion sov structures in null in order to be eligible. Yes, you have to have skin in the game to play, but that doesn’t mean that your bases have to be reachable by your opponents.

Wait isn’t it order to declare war anywhere?

You don’t need the war dec mechanic to kill anyone outside of high sec

Need no, want yes, for a variety of reasons.

For a singular reason, you mean. Sec status loss.
Null doesn’t have this issue, nor do WH’s.
Low sec is the only place where it would matter.
Ultimately though, the wardec mechanic was implemented to facilitate some form of legitimate pvp between corps/alliances in high sec. Any additional bonuses other sectors might reap from that are simply that… additional bonuses.

Regardless, the issue is handily circumvented by dropping a poco or a small upwell somewhere that others are unlikely to discover it. Boom, you get the high sec war bonus of no sec status loss handed to you in a nice little basket.

No actually the flagging is great when you’re roaming, sec status hardly matters.

It is not like my alts will stop sending me money :wink:

okay. sure. why not.

I only low/null when I’m really bored, so the nuances sometimes escape me.

I grasp in fullness why this crap is important to the high sec dwellers, but when it comes to the low/null/wh guys I can only speculate. I can’t assert myself as any kind of expert, as I left null a while ago.

I guess what I am trying to get at is if a corp is not “hiding” their base, but instead putting it right out in public, defiantly; it seems to me that there should be a fit or structure that is tailored to that.

A structure that cannot market or rent, build or refine. All it is super tough, a war base. Possibly not allowed in hs.

I’m fishing for ideas/discussion

Well, the Citadels are primarily just combat structures. An Astrahus can’t fit the Market Hub so basically only benefits from the cloning module. Otherwise, its main purpose is defence.

Perhaps it should specialize also in a war module that decreases war costs or something.

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It should be more like a tower defence with Astrahus, Launching fleets of fighters, missiles and bombs around, special bonuses unlocked with amount of enemies killed.

I was thinking it would be much more powerful than any existing structure, but it would not be subject to asset safety, attack windows or any of that crapola. :slight_smile:

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So basically a fort. Staging perimeter.

A ‘dickstar’ pos is still valid. Until it is not.
A frustrating time-sink for your opponent.

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Considering the past, I think it’s more accurate to say that the war mechanics were meant to enable competition between corporations, until those who were unable to compete cried so much that wars were pushed out of reach of new players.

Imagine that. In the past it was a feature for everyone, now it’s a feature only for a few.

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