Why War Decs in Hi Sec? When you can play in Null?

I am relatively new and have spent quite a bit of time in Null and I do not understand why CCP allow War-Decs in Hi Sec? Is this to suit the old vets who like to come in and blow up noobs rather than risk fighting in Null? Or is it some kind of useful mechanic that I don’t understand? In the last 3 weeks I have got 6 new players to try their hand as alpha’s, they all joined Corp’s with structures and yes you guessed it! They all stopped playing and now subscribe to WoT. I did not get my recruitment bonus?

The only way you can be war dec’d in High Sec is if you own a Citadel or POCO. If you own either of those, you are not a “noob” or a new player. If you can’t defend what you anchor, then don’t anchor it…

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So that the people involved in the war can fight each other without triggering Concord.

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Because there needs to be a mechanism for legal fighting in highsec, because assets need to be destroyable.

Yes this.

Create a wardec ineligible Corp and recruit into that.

If you have structures, keep them in a separate holding Corp and provide access via the access list mechanics.

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It’s not just for blapping noobs. RvB uses it to PvP with each other in HS, HS pirates like catching haulers of all ages (don’t ask me why older players bring a hauler through chokepoints while wardecked), and others use it to kill structures (such as poco’s, refineries, and trade hubs so that they can claim the location for themselves).

Oh yeah, tell them not to join a war deck eligible corp. That way, they only have to worry about gankers.

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You have to work to get that recruitment bonus. Not just send a thousand emails to random people and hope that one of them will subscribe.

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No, there is no useful mechanic!

High sec should be 5 times smaller and only the basic starting ground for the new players!
If u wanna fight and make ur own rules then go to null sec and make some explosions.

Most hisec based corp that wants structures runs two corps now.

1 for holding structures and the second as a dec free corp for members, a safe space (because that is a thing these days). Using the structures as a safe haven and place for members to get their industry on.

Also… lets stop using new people as a scape goat for you putting down structures in highsec and then be surprised when somebody comes and removes your sand castles. Can you imagine how littered Space would become if people were to be allowed to drop a structure whenever they feel like it? EDIT: They can do that now… only difference it, they can loose it as well.


War Declarations pretty much only apply in high security space. I suppose they also obviate gate or station guns in lowsec, but these are far less relevant than CONCORD.

I don’t think CCP envisioned highsec as a no fight zone, but rather as a place where fighting was more regulated. The fee to declare encourages people to have a good reason to make the declaration. The 24 hour warm up gives players time to prepare, your enemies are clearly marked when they appear. It is a training ground where you only have to worry about military threats some of the time, which will be clearly indicated to you in advance, instead of all of the time.

I don’t know of any veterans who genuinely get their jollies off of curb stomping new players. Target selection is, from what I can tell, based on other factors such as whether a target looks profitable, whether it looks like it has or could raise a defense, the diplomatic tone the leadership takes, or the outward facing propaganda or attitude. Sometimes it is just idleness. I do know of veterans who will mobilize to take down anyone who genuinely seems to abuse or exploit newbies. I think most old players have a fairly high degree of integrity, if you take into account that this is a game based on competition and war.

The wardec mechanic exists so that players can effect changes in New Eden and fight for what they believe in, whether that be greed or altruism, but I don’t think the game is quite so dark as it seems on the surface and I think its the greedy and self serving who tend to suffer at the hands of their peers.

Anyway, Wardecs are a core feature of Eve. In addition to general space housekeeping in cleaning up structures they allow for people to change the universe and that’s really what Eve was meant to be about. How will you choose to affect others? Will you be a white knight or a terror lurking in the dark? It’s your story and if you desire it, the war declaration can be your pen, among other things. It helps keep things interesting after all these years.


The major trade hubs are in Highsec - Jita is the hub in a hub and spoke trade network that covers the entire game. A lot of wardec targets are Nulsec corporations so their members are vulnerable to attack when travelling to/from the trade hubs.

Otherwise, the game is balanced around risk and reward - if an activity is profitable, there needs to be some risk associated with it. Wars and pirates (gankers) provide that element of risk in Highsec. If they didn’t exist, NPC’s would need to do the job.

Destruction is necessary - nothing wears out or goes obsolete and most destruction occurs in Empire space - Forge, Citadel and Lonetrek - the regions nearest Jita - are always the top 3 for destruction.

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Who said I did that? They are all mates who play some of the same games as me. I persuaded them to give it a try.

PS you sound like a T***L

You persuaded them, but it looks like you didnt guide or help them.

Therefore, my conclusion appears correct.

You placed 3 asterisks between the word T and L. Which means there should be 3 words.

I am unaware of any insult that is 5 letters long. So maybe you think I am a tweel. In which case, yes, I do fancy myself a tire.

Then play the game with them.

However, deploying a structure is diving into the deep end a bit - consider it a flag you are planting in the ground stating to Eve that you are ready to fight over something. If you are relatively new, you probably shouldn’t be doing that.

Form a corp, have some fun. Use NPC stations or someone else’s structures, and don’t worry about fighting other groups yet. That, or throw up you hands, declare the game too hard, and go play something else like WoT where you can’t really lose anything.

Your call.

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You are the clever one work it out. Three letters not words! Git Good!

I am very clever, thank you. Unfortunately, the people i argue with, not so much.

uh-huh…and you just happen to come up with the same sort of things banged on about for years ad nauseum…yeah…

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As a recruiter has to be pacient and friendly, I have a faint notion you might be not too successful in your task.

High sec wars are a reminder for everyone who wants to be a newbro forever that New Eden is not a cozy lovely heaven. If you want to evolve, learn how to fight or at least how to actively avoid problems.
It’s like a toss into water: Learn to swim!
And keep in mind: The first eviction is the hardest.

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I know this might seem like a noob question, but does it matter if the structures are high sec or not. If we have structures in high and null, if the high ones are pulled down, can you still be war dec’d in high sec???

When operating any corporation, I strongly encourage you to read all of the corporation management help pages for EVE. Including the ones helpfully titled ‘Wars’ and ‘War Eligibility’.

Relevant snippet:


As soon as a corporation owns a structure, the corporation becomes eligible for wars.

The following player owned structures will count towards War Eligibility:

  • All Upwell Structures (including Upwell FLEX structures)
  • Starbase Control Towers
  • Player-owned Customs Offices and their Gantries
  • Sovereignty Structures of any kind (such as Infrastructure Hubs and Territorial Control Units)

thank you