CCP Shound remove Not War Eligible

CCP Should remove Not War Eligible

Gankers are abusing the mechanic

how to solve the abusing the mechanic

players cant shoot each other in high sec unless war Eligible

or remove Not War Eligible from the game so people can war deck the people hiding in the Not War Eligible corps

Then what stops a corp from declaring war on other corps just for giggles?


is that not what the war mechanic is for u don’t like something u start a war

CCP had tried to protect corps with no structures from war but have created a game mechanic that allows gankers to hide and be safe from being killed by using player stations to avoid concord with tether and being Not War Eligible protects them from war as these players only attack when they are ready there is no counter for there fleets leving the one being attacked in endless loop of loosing



I know a corp that lost three upwell stations this month because another corp tried to extort 3bil “permit” money from them. The corp refused to pay, they had war declared on them, they couldn’t defend against such an assault and all 3 stations gone (it was an amazing explosion!).

Now expand that to non-structure holding corps and players with 10 alts and dozens of Catalyst fleets.

Asa famous character once said “Game over man! Game over!”

what are you trying to say here ? most gankers i know are in war deccable corps and are also mostly negative sec status so can be shot anywhere at any time already even if they are not in a war deccable corp. Admit it you wouldn’t war dec them if they were in a war deccable corp as you are not war deccing gankers in war deccable corps already


I think the biggest flaw with the argument is that if you replace ‘non-wardecable corps’ with ‘NPC corporations’ it would be exactly the same thing.

If people are using an upwell structure as a shield, at least you can wardec and destroy that. More than can be said of an NPC station.

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Gankers can be shot without a wardec. Doesn’t mean wardec eligibility is good where they are though.

Non-wardeccable corps have a place. People that aren’t ready for such gameplay can play at a lower level and forgo the benefits that comes with a full-corp.

Change wardec eligibility to corp offices rather than structure. But put on an NPC tax and take away the corp wallet and access to structures until they do.

You can shoot gankers anytime you want, wardec or not…

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about removing war ineligibility. However, I’m definitely leaning more towards getting rid of it. Thus, I’m annoyed that you’re doing such a bad job arguing for the position I’m leaning towards. Please do better.

And if you’re looking to kill gankers, you might want to do some research into anti-ganking. Maybe join an anti-ganking community.

By the way, does anyone know if CCP has ever given us a follow up letting us know the results of the war deck change. Of course, I’m sure that it has positively affected some stats (such as the number of kills that war decked corporations get), but what I really want to know is what kind of affect that it had on new player retention.
No P2W

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My take is this: somehow if you initiate pvp in hisec (eg by ganking) that should turn you wardeccable. The non-wardeccable status is supposed to protect people who are small and do not want to engage in pvp in hisec. If you’re fine with some non-consensual pvp when you start it, you should be fine with someone else starting it with you too.


All my gankers are in NPC corps, as are most.

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The only issue is that they’re not playing at a lower level because it’s possible to get 100% of the benefits of owning a structure without actually owning one directly.


More kills per dec they said.

But i seriously doubt it led to more kills/destruction over all. I seriously doubt it improved player retention. And i seriously doubt it fixed any of the issues that were used as an excuse for the nerf e.g. most wardecs amongst a few groups and high kill/death ratio of aggressors.

I mean look at this. I may be out of the loop, but i can only think of two wardec groups, and they ain’t losing ships to wartargets:

And having the war eligibility occur at the anchoring of a structure means that every corp advertises the fact they have a structure whether its private or not.


Can we talk about the game without the attempt of wholesale diagnosis of mental conditions? Thanks.


I think the game has way too many new players that think EVE should be Hello Kitty Online…


If the obvious offends you don’t just throw out something to the forum that involves many aspects of what your wanting, people who welcome war decs do so, people who don’t or have their reasons stay non eligible, no dev or gm should force this upon the masses, the fact that we do have people who’s wiring is “different” need to be addressed.

Check your wiring.

EVE has been open-world, 24/7 PVP for 18 years now. EVE never has been, is not, and never will be a single player PVE game, no matter how much whining new players do on the forum…


Who’s saying it’s not, the OP is not happy with the “not war eligible” who are seemingly using the mechanic as cover, if dev’s made the mechanic as is then they are ok with it, there’s nothing to stop anyone from ganking except themselves and not wanting to deal with consequences.