The New Eden Police Force (-NEPF) proudly presents, a place where you can be the bounty hunter you’ve always dreamed of being. Or, alternatively, you can throw some isk out to cause major pain and heartache to your foes!

The bounty mechanic in Eve online is less than stellar. It’s complex and you don’t seem to get much payout. We thought we’d take a crack at coming up with something which is simpler and provides larger payouts.

Larger payouts means more bounty hunters. More bounty hunters means more of a chance for someone to take you up on your blood money offering, and the hunters will be looking to do the most isk damage they can!

As long as there is enough bounty to cover it, our bounty system pays out 70% of the total destroyed value from a confirmed kill mail. So the more you blow up, the more you get! If the remainder of the bounty isn’t enough to cover those numbers then you cash that sucker out and get whatever is left.

RichyMcIndustrialist places a 200m bounty on the famed criminal BadGuyMcJenkins
BadGuyMcJenkins is blown up by an -NEPF licensed bounty hunter vigalanteMcAnderson

zKill lists the total destroyed value of this encounter at 100m
vigalanteMcAnderson will receive 70m as a payout
130m bounty still remains for other tenacious hunters to claim


  • hall of fame for biggest bounty kills
  • hall of shame for biggest losses
  • post kill reports for giggles

We have a few checks and balances:

  • Only bounty hunters authorized by the New Eden Police Force will be allowed to collect on the bounty. To receive your bounty hunter’s license just sign up here: Request a Bounty Hunters License – New Eden Police Force

  • Each claim on the bounty must provide kill mail from zKillboard and all claims will be verified.

  • If you have a killright making it free/cheap and publicly available increases the chance of your revenge bounty paying off!

We are proud of this system. We’ve tried to address insurance and other scams, but if we have missed anything I’m sure you guys will let us know what you think about this for better or worse. We hope it provides some fun content for the community.



Hope you can make it work. Keep us posted.


This sounds interesting

It’s not a criticism just an enquiry, people get mad with safety but most of these players are -10 so almost every time they undock they die, how will a bounty work on them,

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If there is a bounty placed on one of them and a licensed NEPF bounty hunter gets on the kill then they can request a bounty payout. If multiple bounty hunters are on the kill mail then that bounty gets split evenly among them.

You need to rethink your formula. There’s a reason why CCP’s old bounty system worked the way it did: because it was calibrated to not be exploitable.

Platinum insurance pays out 100% of a hull’s value at a cost of 30% of the payout (compared to 40% at a cost of 0% for no insurance). Let’s take a Hyperionl hull valued at 300M ISK. Under your system, someone scamming you by self-collecting would see the following series of transactions:

(-) 300M (ship cost)
(-) 055M (insurance fee)
(+) 185M (insurance payout)
(+) 232M (bounty payout based on 332M kill board price)
(=) 062M (total gain)

This means that as long as they paid less than 362M for the hull on the market, they will make a profit.

The formula needs to be modified to cap out at:

(market_price - (payout - fee)

In the case of the Hyperion above, which has a market price of 300M, the payout would be capped at 170M. As long as you’re paying out less than that for the hull, no one can make a profit self-claiming.

If you want to add modules into the mix, you’ll have to do a separate calculation specifically for them:

(KB_destroyed - KB_hull_value)

Of course, this is just the cap for what you can pay out without the other party making any profit. However, at the break-even point, you run the risk that someone would de-fund your bounty pool/account at no cost to themselves. As such, you need to apply a multiplier to the formulas above to act as a deterrent by creating actual loss for self-claiming. If you do a 70% multiplier at this stage of the calculation, you’d be paying out about 120M for the hull in the example above (before modules), which would actually be 36% of the KB destroyed price, and not 70% (but this percentage is dynamic based on the cost figures involved).

So, can I put a bounty on anyone? Would your system honor a billion-ISK bounty I’d put on Dracvlad, a dear friend of your corporation who today savagely griefed me with an undeserved verbal thrashing even though all I did was the forum equivalent of telling him his zipper was undone?

Or are you going to honor bounties against all players, and not just those who are your in-game enemies or rivals?

Am I allowed to put a bounty on myself?


I really appreciate the effort you put into your reply. It was very well laid out. We knew going into this that our system would not be perfect. We most likely will make adjustments as we see bounty claims come in. If we make a change we will announce it and be transparent as to our reasons for the change. We felt this was a good starting point based on our admittedly smaller sampling.

Not just anyone. We will be keeping in theme with our Corporations “Roleplaying” of the good guys. This is not solely for our corp. We want this to be for all pilots in Eve to use if they wish but it needs to fall within there being a reason for the bounty. If we think there is reason enough we will accept the bounty. Otherwise it will be rejected. We do not wish to add to the chaos that already exists. We wish to reduce it. (Edited)



I’m confused. You’re still going to go with 70% of KB destroyed value? You’ll be losing your clients’ money on self-claim scams for pretty much any T1 kill mail. Why would people put money into your system if that’s the case?

Yes thanks for detailed input. I don’t math so good sometimes, we tried to keep it simple and “less exploitable” even though not perfect.

I am of the opinion that it’s our bit and we should get to make the judgement calls on who gets a license and where the bounties are placed, but HR seems to think differently.

For now yes. We are continually looking things over and discussing how we might adjust it. It looks like the BS level is where we will have to make some adjustments. BC and down from what I have seen so far look close.


Well I mean it’s your thing so whatever, but I definitely wouldn’t use it if my money could be exploited like that.

Also, the math is all percentage-based, so absolute values are completely irrelevant. If the payout is basically like 125% of the cost, it will be 125% of the cost regardless if it’s a battleship or a frigate, just that in the case of the latter the transaction will be much smaller so people wouldn’t bother scamming at that level.

I totally understood Destiny point, but I don’t have any good solutions for now.

I’m thinking some mad math including bounty period + modules price + pre-fixed prices.

Pre-fixed prices are a real need here, otherwise you gonna have fluctuations which are the scammers palace.

The sweet spot is, legit KM from scamming KM. Coeficientes about Hull class are also an interesting approach.

Also another coefficient, the system in which it happened. Higher security higher pay.

Sometime, with the right math, you can make a kill happen where the hunted party felt secure, cuz the system is gonna pay more.

It’s all about reliability and trustfulness. If your clients see the system working they gonna put money on it.

I think you are selling yourselves short focusing on money. I think premium services are the right direction, so just charge your client a small fee for the service and a money back in case of no claim and let it happen.

Don’t be shy to contact me in case you need help with bytes manipulation, but you guys prob got this.

Good job anyway.


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Don’t waste your money , you know how he loves forums battles , to tell you the truth I wouldn’t stand against either of you , you both know way more than me on most things , I know my limits.

One major thing about this bounty system and its strength is that we control it 100%, we decide who will hunt and who will have bounties placed on them, sorry if this excludes some people from taking part , so it will work on our morals , standards and our game play stance.

We don’t spend our time anti-ganking for money but to kill the criminals of Eve but it’s nice to get isk for your efforts sometimes, in truth I don’t care about isk other than a means to an end ,it keeps us in the fight.
( we all have a right to be criminals if it’s the game play we want,just like we have a right to fight them)
I do hope this works out and Destiny your input is always welcome .

Someone wrote in one of my post " words can spread like wildfires" the fires we start aren’t going to be isk efficient or productive, people will fall , chaos will ensue but what fun it could be .

Sorry had a Bit of a Dune moment then …:wink:


AG are stepping UP.:slightly_smiling_face: Hope this will be a success for HS to have an exciting content. AG vs. Gankers and HS and Lowsec pve’rs will be caught in between.:hugs::hugs::hugs:

I’m excited to put bounties.:partying_face:

Bounty Hunters should just make sure to attack gankers after they gank someone and just steal the loot🤪.


What is it about EVE, that makes it appeal to peoples’ less-than-honest natures?

This is an attempt to generate a bit of fun and activity - “content” i think its called? If you don’t think it’s genuine, then don’t contribute. It’s as simple as that…

Personally, I have my Bounty Permit, and I’m looking at my ‘list’ to put some money down.


It can be 100% genuine, but if it gets audited and a big loophole is found in the numbers you’re using, it doesn’t matter. The formula is currently exploitable for pretty significant financial gains, which means one of two things going forward:

  1. The system will be public and very much exploitable, which is rightfully questioned by its potential users

  2. It’s going to be a closed, heavily-moderated system where you control all the factors and variables, in which case the initial advertisement is considerably misleading (and also the answers provided by your various members are inconsistent)

Good intent still has to be backed up by a system that works properly, and consistent information. If your response is “okay well this is our thing and if we want it to work like this that’s our decision, and if you dislike it so much then don’t use it!” then, well, people won’t use it.

I don’t know why I’m coming out as the bad guy here - all I did was bring a loophole to your attention. If anything, your insistence on not closing that loophole is going to seem quite sus to anyone reading this exchange.


Your not the bad guy and we can learn from your advice

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I do not see you as the bad guy here at all. I appreciate your input. Again this will be an ongoing process for us to adjust as we see issues. You have been heard and the very things you mentioned are being discussed. Thanks again for your input.

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I completely trust “Fat” Tony, our designated Bounty Scheme Administrator.
Admittedly, he has been harder to get hold of now, after he got the latest tax demand…


So how do I place a bounty? You get the kill first right, and then I pay?

I hereby put a 1 billion isk bounty on Wah Huren.


This new system looks soooooo good.

I hereby put a 1 million isk bounty on Aiko Danuja

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