The New Eden Police Force will take care of it for you!

We dedicate ourselves to fight crime in New Eden and as the NR1 crime fighting corp in EVE, we deliver our service to hunt down and bring to justice any capsuleer who has done wrong.

Its is very simple, have u been attacked unlawfully by someone and u have a killright that u can use but dont have the means to carry on the job? WE WILL DO IT. and its 100% FREE!!

YES! we DO NOT CHARGE anything for our services!

We will locate, follow and make sure criminals are brought to justice.

The only thing you need to do is send an Ingame mail to Githany Red, yes the one in New Eden Police Force (-NEPF)

You will be contacted ASAP with the details on how to proceed.

There is no danger for you, justice will be delivered and we will follow up and keep you informed of the results.

Best regards & fly safe out there.

New Eden Police Force


miner, calm down!


we are calm not sure about the miners ,btw
how are you you old dog


If you dont play beastie boy’s “sabotage” when entering local I will be severely dissapointed.
Edit : Curious to see your impact on general HS.

They are never calm. Every time I meet one they are near nerve breakdown. It’s like I always catch them at a bad day. That’s why it’s helpful to order them to calm down.

Fine, still on EVE break. Almost got back in a week back or so, but then they broke the launcher on Linux. It’s working again now, but did not find the motivation since to login.

And you? How is the ag thing going? Not bored yet of saving people that are not at their keyboard and will not thank you anyway?

Thanks for your service! You should keep what you doing up, you doing great. :+1:


My Catalyst was ganked by Concord - Avenge me !!!

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Funny you should say that , I made some alts in gank areas so I could log in fast and i saved a freighter last night , the guy was at his keyboard and very happy for my help, he gave me 100mil , so very pleased , not sure HSG was and the HSN guy where to happy, not suprise they are together in same fleet .
Our bounty system seems to be working but keeping it small for now and making changes as we go . Eve’s always slow so good time to have a break cya you when you get back


Well that is actually nice if you could make an actual working business out of that :smiley: well done

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It will help buy our new fleet , so that’s good , love putting together new fleets to try


This is a scam.

What they aren’t telling you is that when you give someone a killright, they can choose to use the killright to kill YOU. Killrights go both ways, only give them to people you trust. These people make money by killing noob miners who don’t know better.


Only one person scams here Missy

What they arent telling you Aiko is that newbros are not stupid, they are just new to the game and its easy to find how killrights actually work… for example here… Kill Rights – EVE Online

Back to the do the least challenging thing in game with u… Shweew, shwweeew, off you go… back to your 2 buttons… You carebears of PVP :sunglasses: :policeman:

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If lossing your nice ship to ganker makes you mad , let us help you get pay back .

Like the time we bumped 3 tornados of tether activated their killright and killed each one , in fact we bumped the anchor and the other two follow to their demise. Silly ganker being afk .
Oh and we got salt in local too but that was just a bonus.

So help us and send the kr to us for free that way we can kill them time and time again and it stops people going though what you went through with the loss of your lovely ship


Get your justice!

Preventing a gank is griefing the ganker.

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