🇬🇧 [EU/US] LOOKING FOR A PURPOSE? New Eden Police Force - NewBro&Returning friendly - 80%PVP-20%PVE-Join the cause


We are both a Vet & Newbro-friendly corp, whose main goal is to fight crime in the universe of EVE, as a 100% Anti-Pirate/Anti-Ganking corporation, simply covering the opposite side of the “bad guys” in the game.

An immersive environment with HUGE social impact, interacting with hundreds of other pilots in the galaxy, cooperating with an awesome group of people providing a unique identity within the game.

Here is some of what we do… Offering daily content on a scheduled system.







## Diverse PVE Content

There are NO OBLIGATIONS within the corp regarding amount of time required to game or ANY MANDATORY ops or nothing like that, RL is always first.

The Corp provides free ships for all official operations and will help you with regular training operations if you wish, to ensure that u learn PVP in a comfortable and effective way, as well with free ships.

We are ALWAYS at the front line to help and protect the ones in need :muscle: :sunglasses:

All welcome no matter experience or clone state, and YES you will get to use the POLICE skin :sunglasses:

Send in your application in-game to corp ticker: -NEPF
“New Eden Police Force”
And we will get back to you in-game ASAP.

Enjoy all, always remember… It’s a friggin’ game & hope to ttys :sunglasses:



2003 player, 95m SP returning and looking for a hand hold
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NEPF isn’t a good abbreviation. But otherwise this is a great idea.


thanks m8 :wink: Yeah, it works very well as a different approach, after have played eve for 15 years this is the most interacting and engaging “specially in the social aspect” i’ve been involved with :slightly_smiling_face:
About the abbreviations, thanks for the observation but those that might perhaps fit better the name, are all faaaaaar gone ;o) Enjoy :sunglasses:

Yeah i was soooooo sad that GIMP was already taken.

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haha, yeah, would have been cool though :grin: Still with double “i” is close enough.

Hey! They actually saved my ass some time ago, wile I was trading through high/low sec, I just reported on their 911 channel some suspicious dude following me around through a few trade jumps, and without even knowing it, when i got ganked crossing a gate, they showed up out of nowhere and saved my ship and cargo, the baddies ran so fast :rofl: 100% without them i will have lost it all. They sure deserve a thumbs up :+1:


Indeed an awesome concept, I’ve sent you a mail in game, I’m In!


WOW this sounds cool, i always felt out of place but always wanted to fly a police skins sense they came out, now i got myself a good reason, LOL.
Application in and reporting in for duty!

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Thanks for the support people, apretiate it ;o)

Bump and Love to you guys :blush:


aaaand Bump to us :grinning:

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Nice sort of “Role” play idea. Pretty Cool :+1:

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Thanks for all the support guys, really ;o)

I plan to reach out to this Corp. It sounds like exactly what I am looking for as a way to invest in the game. Hopefully, you don’t mind a somewhat green player starting anew.

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Hello mate,
just saw your advert in another post. It’s been a wile since i saw you guys recruiting.
Have never seen you in the game though…

Anyways… I got a project i am currently developing and wonder if it might be of any interest for you guys to join in on it. A GRAND PROJECT UNDERTAKEN - Need support, recruits, friends & enemies )
The idea of you joining in on the project were just a idea of the moment but~ it could very well turn into something.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Tryme Trymsson

Joined up with this group and it’s a fun time. Always nice doing something different and helpful

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Thx Delta ;o)

Bump FTW

That seems awfully weird… You don’t stop ganks…

Hello Aphrodite, thanks for the bump, the academy appreciates it.

Now to your observation, as you might or might not know, the awareness of a high risk situation, can in many cases be enough to stop a crime. In this particular case, we maintain a close eye on high and low sec criminal activity, with intelligence reports and wanted lists, giving us an edge on predicting and sending a warning on upcoming threats which has already helped numerous inhabitants of New Eden.
As always, we continue our efforts to keep protecting New Eden Capsuleers reaching as far as the laws allow us.

Best regards
New Eden Police Force