The New Eden Police Force will take care of it for you!

We dedicate ourselves to fight crime in New Eden and as the NR1 crime fighting corp in EVE, we deliver our service to hunt down and bring to justice any capsuleer who has done wrong.

Its is very simple, have u been attacked unlawfully by someone and u have a killright that u can use but dont have the means to carry on the job? WE WILL DO IT. and it 100% FREE!!

YES! we DO NOT CHARGE anything for our services!

We will locate, follow and make sure criminals are brought to justice.

The only thing you need to do is send an Ingame mail to Githany Red, yes the one in New Eden Police Force (-NEPF)

You will be contacted ASAP with the details on how to proceed.

There is no danger for you, justice will be delivered and we will follow up and keep you informed of the results.

Best regards & fly safe out there.

New Eden Police Force

To help clear up any questions for potential customers.

Does this mean if a person deems they are being attacked unlawfully they can request your support to defend their structure? For free? Or is this only related to killrights and gankers? The normal run of the mill Anti-Ganking efforts?

We are refering to killrights yes. And can be Gankers or anyone who has attacked unlawfully for whatevcer reason.

I have 2 kills rights for 2 members of Code Genesis if you want them . .

Yes sir, plz open dem for New Eden Police Force, we will put them to good use :policeman:
Justice will be served :sunglasses:

Alani Prinz & Carel Prinz of Code Genesis

PLZ open them for New Eden Police Force, justce will be served :policeman:

Done :slight_smile:

Thank you sir

Hello Labadina,

I just wanted to know if any of the kill rights for the bob accounts who have been suicide ganking the Ice Miners will be used? There are more pilots with kill rights that could be sent to you, but no action seems to be taken with the ones sent to you all ready? :slight_smile:

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thank you for your message, we have been overwelmed with the ammount of KR delivered to us, some of witch are faar out of our operating range compared to others and ofc we must priorityze operations that can be performed in the shortest time possible, as much as we will liek to fulfill ALL requests, its is not all the time possible, still, from your side, delivering the KR to the New Eden Police Force give a high chance to be activated and fullfiled by one of our Officers sence we activelly pursue the perpetrators.

Thank you again and hope you will still entrust KR to our corporation.
Best regards

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grabs popcorn

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Show is about to begin :sunglasses: :policewoman:

I am still waiting. If you want me to, I can provide you with a few KRs against myself.

can you contact bioshibby thedestroyer in game please i am looking to hire mercs :slight_smile: