Do you feel that criminals have forced you to hand in your pilots licence

If you think the above is the case and can no longer fly in New Eden and plan to retire, as one last act , send all your asserts to us .

One of the difficulties we face is we get no reward from concord or any of the empire’s, why our ops can be rewarding we still need isk , it would be nice if we could offer an isk per hour for our anti-ganking operations , funded by the mass of unhappy pilots .

So don’t abandon your assets , donate them to us and do your bit to fight crime when your gone.

Send us anything you can and our liquidators will get to work on your stuff .

Even better join us and fight

Long live the resistance!!

This is an odd amount of effort to say “Can I have your stuff?”


“Did you get ganked? Give me your stuff!”

That’s what I read.

I’m not that selective, I’ll take your stuff even if you didn’t get ganked.


Does this mean that @Githany_Red is leeching off the victims of non-consensual griefing?



It would be like donating to one of those “charities” that get audited, and then everyone finds out that only like 4% of the donations go toward helping those in need but the executive director owns an 80-meter yacht.

Maybe @Githany_Red is gathering the funds to buy an AT ship. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just because you would scam off 80% doesn’t mean I would , people who gave us stuff in the past seem happy with the way we use the funds .

I do think that annoys people , the fact we do what we do not for personal gain , many people can’t see beyond the isk per hour formulas they work too,

I gave up on working out an isk per hour rate for my time in space and the moment I did I never wanted for again. But some do need isk for skills or Plex and it would be nice if we could use people’s dead assets for this purpose.

Oh and remember this bit

I would take one good pilot any day over isk but no let’s not mention that.

Correction send your assets to the Scarlet Palace in Osmon. The 44,000 exotic dancers (female) will put it to good use.

I don’t think it’s the case so thanks but no.

This is low even for you.

Nah. The bar was always pretty low, but it got thrown off a cliff when these people threw their explicit support behind bigots and homophobes.

Begging for scraps is actually an improvement. Maybe in a month or two, they’ll work their way up to asking for someone to feed them some kills so their board looks better.


It’s like the low bars are competing with the low blows.


We take donations because people give us them with free will , unlike some who make people pay a ransom and laugh about it , I sure know who has a low bar :relaxed:

But this is new Eden and each to his own I guess .

Keep on twisting other people story’s it’s all your really good at so I hear.

I’m sure you do. Your alts are really talkative, after all.

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