36 Million ISK Please?

Hey, so I was bringing small arms into Caldari, and I found out they were illicit. Ooo. So I looked up what happens when you’re caught with illicit things, and it looked like I’d get fined a few thousand and lose some standing. Anyways, I got caught and then Concord threatens to blow up my ship unless I give up the items, which I didn’t expect, so I gave up the items. Now I have -20 M ISK, and I’m still new so…

I learned a veeery valuable lesson. Well 2 actually. Don’t trust personal experiences on forums apparently and don’t haul BAD items. K, can I have 36 M ISK please? That’ll get me back to where I was, and most importantly, will reward me for learning such a valuable lesson. Please…

Learning the lesson should be reward enough. Why should people “reward” you even more beyond this?

Begging on the forums as the first post you make. Bold choice, but I approve of the life decisions you have made. ( No you can have no ISK, try Jita. )


If this was Jita local I would send you 36 (as in thirtysix) ISK, but am too lazy to sign-in just to do that so you have to do with 0 (zero) ISK instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. Can you explain the math on this one?

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Had 16 M, now I have -20 M?

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Lesson learned. It says in the info tab that they are illegal. You werent paying attention. Your loss.

Maybe you should petition ccp and threaten to quit.

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I won’t send you ISK but I will send you all of my love, which is far more valuable.

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I’m still trying to figure out how you are apparently negative isk if all concord did was tell you to turn over items. You couldn’t have gone -isk via your own spending, and if all they did was take the items that wouldn’t remove any isk from your accound.

So pray tell, how are you negative now?



I mean, Idk. What I said happened was exactly what happened. I got fined, that’s about all I can say.

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aww thanks

No, go away.

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The forums is not the place to beg. Closed.