Corp Thief: Burak Aivo

Just an FYI for those who may decide to give Burak Aivo corp roles; he’s a thief and stole from friends who has played the game with for many years (looted public corp hangars and drained shared wallet).

Yes, this stuff happens, yes this is EVE; with that said: don’t trust this person. I’m only posting this message for future corps/alliances who may consider giving this person access.

No tears; just disappointment. :expressionless:




That’s what that is

Now extend that to everyone and you will be on the right path.


Lesson learned. Fortunately it was a relatively cheap lesson. 5.7 billion is roughly $60 USD worth of PLEX. Didn’t CO2 lose something like $20,000 USD worth of assets when that happened to them?

You can’t thief something you are given. You gave him access, he took it. Wheres the thief part? From the looks of the transaction it was for research. @Burak Aivo doesn’t even exist. This is a photo shopped image and OP is more than likely the real thief.


That’s just the wallet ISK which was peanuts. $45B or so in corp assets. All-in-all not the end of the world; but people should be aware of untrustworthy characters in game. Since most of this game is anonymous and people can hide behind the digital wall, Crime & Punishment is the closest we can get to keeping record of these actions.

Trust is worth more than ISK any day.

I challenge you as the Judge of Crime and Punishment to back up the rest of your claim about stolen assets


I don’t know why everyone is coming down on the OP. Seems like a simple PSA. It’s a data point like a Yelp review or feedback on eBay meant to tell others about a negative experience. Take it or leave it.


Simple this isn’t GD this is C&P. We have a code of conduct in here that must be upheld. If we didn’t discredit unsubstantiated claims of theft anybody could come in here and besmirch the good name of anybody else. I’m sure you can understand that


Welcome to the world dude. Use your own judgement and take it or leave it - just like with everything else in life. I personally find your whining and crying far more irritating than a claim that’s only partially substantiated.


@Noragen_Neirfallas is this not what the forum heading says:

Welcome to Crime & Punishment
This is the place to discuss the criminal side of EVE Online. From discussing war, ransoms, scamming, extortion and other illicit activities, to warning other pilots against dealing with unsavory characters, this forum…

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Exactly, good sir. If you can’t find the opportunity to use besmirched at least once in your daily conversation, you aren’t living right…


This sounds like a setup. In fact I know Burak Alvo and he has never stolen anything at all. It is in fact the OP who stole the assets and ISK and now tries to blame an innocent man!!


It seems you are right

The truth has come out


Wow, could it be that op is in fact an alt of nitshe?


It seems highly likely at this point

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He has been 862 days in the corp and took 5,772,129,113 ISKs, making it into an astonishing 6.6m ISK/day. And he gets his own thread in C&P. … Everyone shall fear his name!

What was his name again? It already slipped me. :thinking:

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Pocket change. Why is this a thread? I’ve lost more from a lazy afk and gone pfft.

Revenge is a dish best served cold LOL

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Hardly the fit of someone who just stole billions. A Vinci and a Proteus however… Yet another issue with your story