Nero Antigoni corp theif

(Noragen Neirfallas) #1

It looks like @Nero_Antigoni and @Sinjin_Pava have been naughty boys. The true story has come out. They have been accused of theft and duplicitous dealings. Not to mention they clearly took advantage if a young and inexperienced Capsuleer

Corp Thief: Burak Aivo
(Whitehound) #2

Truth is, my grandmother was behind all this.

And she did it because her cat told her to do it.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #3

Wts : cat ears and fake mustache, used once but in good condition.

Burned disguise so don’t think you’d get any professional use outside of kids parties or drinking with Omar.

(Magnus Witchspace) #4

There’s nothing like taking advantage of a young capsuleer. What. What? Are we talking about Eve?

(system) #5

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