Antiganking Hypocrisy

I just discovered this blog:

The author claims that antigankers go around pretending to care about new players, but in fact they are just failed PvPers who secretly grief newbros.




What the hell kind of name is “Giacomo”?

If your parents call you something like that, instead of the respectably-heteronormative “James” (like our savior), that means they hate you. Seriously, “Giacomo” is like half a step removed from calling your child “Papi” and making them wear Speedos in public.

“Giacomo” is like the frozen pizza of names. That’s what it reminds me of: a DiGiorno frozen pizza. You know how in those commercials they always say “ha ha, silly stupid grandma, it’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno! :crazy_face:” Well maybe with this guy, we can similarly say “it’s not a PvPer, it’s Giacomo :roll_eyes:” since there would be about as much excitement as taking a $4 pie, covered with barely enough toppings to feed a somewhat-hungry dormouse, out of the microwave.

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If they are failed pvpers, so why worry about them?

Thank the maker, another spam thread.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode This is silly trolling.

Says you.

I’m curious to see if CCP bans that dude for rookie griefing.

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Maybe it was never about helping a repressed group of people but just farming ganker tears, like this thread shows?

Ganker/hunter tears are the best, they always asking CCP to make their jobs easier xD.

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This is your aspiration? To be a backseat forum cop in the non-serious roleplay section?


So you think the author raised a relevant point?


Next you’ll be telling us the chocolate rations are increasing to 50g a week. All I see is the sort of cut and paste composition Winston Smith would be proud of.

It’s actually pretty common but you usually see it as DiGiacomo and it’s pronounced Dee-Jock-ah-moh.

I never me a Digiacomo I liked tho. Could just be random chance.

Like it’s hard for those losers to create alts pretending to be an anti-ganker.

The fact that this troll thread, OP’d by a known troll who makes a new thread about himself biweekly (and usually gets it locked for crapping up the forums) is still open is a testament to the… “quality standards” of the on-duty mods.

But hey, thems the breaks.

Dont forget to bump one of the dozen odd threads about ganking that you have in cycle. One of them is probably close to 90 days, and we cant have that.

So let me see if I understand…

Having ten simultaneous threads calling gankers “griefers” who “bully newbros” is fine, no reason for you to cry there - but having one thread suggesting that antigankers are “griefers” who “bully newbros”… now that’s just too far, right?

The standards are obviously different for those who have the moral high-ground.

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My name is Giacomo DiGiorno, but everybody calls me DiGeorgio.

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I thought your name was GiCamio Ciadormo? Have I been saying it wrong this whole time?

But Aiko…the fact that you even have an entire blog devoted to all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, which you regularly update with ’ so and so said xyz nasty thing ', to me shows you revel in it.

Yah, I’m doing great…

…I’m also not an antiganker who griefs newbros in the starter system.