We all said that PAPI is bad

Sorry guys, deleted the link since i was, in retrospectrey, adding just fuel to a fire

Who knew that, in order to not get blacklisted from goonswarm, I needed to be a sex offender and pedophile, rather than just being innocent.

Sure makes me look dumb, being just a regular old player who got falsely banned by CCP and then blacklisted.

I thought that was how to become High Command ooooooohhhhtoo soon?

Edit: OOOH wait they are into feet? Nothing wrong with that

Who’s Xenuria?


Perhaps Xenuria needs a loan?

inb4 i do not even know what happend

I’m curious what happened yesterday or the day before to get the actual kick, I mean its late but better than never. Must have taken quite a bit for Papi to kick out their own son.

You missed the context. Xenuria was a Goonie. There have been allegations of misconduct among various high-ranking Goons for years now. The issue for most people is “why did it take this long”?

Online gaming is a haven for social misfits. It’s not a surprise that we have them, EVE has plenty. It’s more of a surprise that EVE doesn’t have more of them, seeing as CCP positions it as “the game you can’t break the rules in because there are no rules”.

The question that’s been arising more often lately is “why is it being tolerated or enabled by their corp/alliance”?

Was my attempt at a joke I have no idea who papi is I thought maybe it was a 2nd name for goons. But from your answer they are someone else maybe test I’m guessing no idea its a silly name either way.

papi is the proof you did fleets that goons make the crabs have
sooooo lame

i don’t know nothing about those people so i will say a neutral opinion
on one side is shitty that a nonce stayed for that long in our game
on the other corp leaders are worried about if the guy break corp rules and i don’t know how much they care or know about personal stuff

that said i will stop saying that mitens is sexy because i don’t know him other than watching imperium news and find him a kinda funny guy

When the leadership is in shambles and the alliance in disarray war will follow.

FTFY :wink:


Biggest In game heist about to be set : D ??

This is EVE, everything’s possible. :slight_smile:

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