Returning Players

haha, omg I just Omega’d for like 2yrs to find out CCP has a war against anyone that isn’t in a blob :stuck_out_tongue:

Interdiction nullifiers an active module. ffs Just make every gate a blob war and get it over with.

Somehow somewhere list the things you used to do in EVE and then see if they killed it already. :wink:

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I used to be able to say ■■■■ in local without getting the “You’ve been a bad boy. This is an official warning” from one of the GM bots. Then EVE went woke.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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You should have behaved better, but now you have to face consequences.


PIrate faction doessn’t have to be blobbed. Its gets more skirmishey away from the FOB areas. It can be less blob committal depending on ones goals/wants.

And some blobs are good. Hats off to MIn mil collective for suppressing Dammalin. They took away a wanted prize from us miscreants in cartel. It was earned, enjoy it.

0.0 was, is, will always be a cluster. Thats a given, eternally lol.

Does this make you close friends with chocolate starfish? :face_in_clouds:

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