New-old player question

Is the game still a cash-grab from new players as it was year ago when I left? Are rewards for HS activity still close to 0? Do I still need to buy and sell plex as a new player to survive and not waste 10 years to level my character? Does DEVs still circle jerk to null-sec players?

You forgot one:

Are bitchy whine threads with no redeeming value posted by halfwits who failed EVE still closed by ISDs?

Yes. Yes they are.


your hair is amazing


I don’t understand the point of these posts.

You realize the very fact that you’re so butthurt that you had to post this, means CCP owns your soul right?

They literally beat you and you’ve proven it :smiley:


yea, i literaly logged in first time in 2 year, they own my soul, nerd, lmao

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Right, and your first instinct was to run to the forums and cry :smiley:

Like literally that was your first thought.

Yes, CCP owns your soul.

What’s funny is you can tell how butthurt you are. It’s ok tho bruv.

Just keep crying to daddy CCP about how bad you are at EVE :smiley:

You can’t even figure out how to make money in HS :smiley:

Looks like numbers of players are going down and only such CPP shills as you are still on. Do they pay you for this?

Pay me? Why? I find it easy enough to make ISK.

Apparently it’s hard for you ROFL.

It’s ok tho bro.

Let it all out. Show us where the bad CCP hurt you ROFL.

First thing you do after logging in two years is making a forum cry thread.

Classic bruv :smiley:

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Only to see how long it takes for forum-shills to swarm. Nothing has changed in 2 years. Only that all what I once was saying happened and CPP killed this game for good. Such a [Schadenfreude.


TLDR CCP owns your soul, so you rage posted on the forums and can’t figure out high sec or how to make money :smiley:

It’s ok bro.

I got a nice plot of land to sell you in Stardew Valley :smiley:

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