CCP and the DEVS and or the CEO

i have 3 accounts that i pay for,

Are yall trying to make me quit the game ? i hate WoW i re4ally do, but this crap that is going on is stupid,

to the ceo , who the heck r u listening to? after all this time there is sti the same amount of ppl actively playing or less, the game. Most of the ppl i play with r multiple accounts anyway,

First you restrict to best of the Blue Prints, screw with the market morph good cpmbat ships
and make it so that we are forced to group up like a bunch of rabid rabbiits to survive,

you want this game to grow ? triple the frikin null sec space we live in restrict the ability to have large allainces and corps, make the little guys null sec space that the dnager increase as our Skill points grow

there is not space enough in eve for an additional 20 thousand new subscribers because no one wants to jammed up in a system sharing Havens with 5 other ppl flying a carrier

Now we are giong to loose null sec communication? you are kidding right?

better change your ways young man


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