Can we get this forum back to what it used to be, good ol banter between alliances and war/fight updates

I mean what has happened to this forum!

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I doubt it. Players changed and so did the game.

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Isn’t that what the actual official EVE-forums are for called r/Eve?

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Our memes cannot be contained

I’d like the forums to stop being so anal. I can’t even make a thread due to how precious they’ve made it for new forum accounts even if your character is old. Beyond that I have no opinion, I’ve never really cared that much for the forum or the strange creatures that inhabit it every day out of habit.

“I resemble that remark.”

That’s all.


I miss the old politics forum! <3
Yeah it was toxic as hell, but SO much fun :slight_smile:

The old forums were a lot of fun.

I 'member it was the pinnacle of eve sh*t talk, It’s all on reddit now so it’s still there just in a different place.

Yes, yes they were.

The first 4-5 years were amazing and this forum used to be almost as much fun as the actual game.