What happened to this section? Time to give it some love

I remember coming in here many years ago, where we would talk about all kinds of warfare, wars & battles, meta, and of course a little banter. For a long while now this forum is just completely dead and bereft of content. Cmon people start to post some good stuff again

He’s dead, Jim.

Some went to their various group’s private / internal forums, some went to - eww- reddit, some just don’t post anywhere, some left EvE altogether, and various other reasons.

COAD was great at one time, but that time is gone. Don’t think it will come back…

I think it’s the forum software. It’s not a fully featured platform by any measure. Corporations talk a LOT on discord and teamspeak.

There are still large numbers of intelligent people playing the game and having the conversations you and I would like to read about here. I think they look at the forum software and don’t even consider it at this point because there are better ways to do things and it’s just not worth the tedium. I mean I have to try really hard to get what I need out of this forum. Like, can we even DM on here? I don’t think so, right?

Forget searching for something you saw in the middle of a thread because ctrl+f is not a thing since no threads will fully load on any device. They’re clearly saving resources this way but they take it past the point where it breaks functionality.

I am still perplexed by the changeover. I understand forums are a complex game, but I am skeptical that the software has become so resource intensive that it can’t - or should not - reasonably load full, text-only threads. Has forum technology gone backward? Until we have a fully featured messageboard again, I am afraid the metagame here is gonna stay pretty sparse.


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