Akita T, where art thou

(CistaCista) #1

Man, CCP has really killed the last bit of MD forum spark.
Expansion, new mechanics for basic resources, markets in roaring chaos and turmoil.

In the old days, this meant in-depth discussions on the public forums. Now, not so much. Discussions take place elsewhere [sad].

For the romantics, here is Akita T’s thread from Dominion expansion, November 2, 2009.
This thread garnered more than 1650 responses.

Any ancient old-guarders left?
(Art Vandolay) #2

The sky is the limit.

(Gryphon Infinite) #3

Cool thread, honestly I think there has been a Decline in Player population; any resemblence of the Same Population or growth is just Multiple Accounts by the same user or short term Trial account players.

I do miss the old Days of Hardcore Eve Online. RIP.

Dominion and Apocrypha etc.

Learning Skills and Juke Box and Skillpoint loss if not properly Cloned. And no cash shop.

(Art Vandolay) #4

I think Cistax2 has the right idea. Eve discussions and communications have changed venues to Discord and Reddit.

(AnakieNine) #5

Still around. It’s just that MD is not what it used to be.

(system) #6

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