Has forum activity drastically dropped, or

(Beast of Revelations) #1

…is it that the game has lost a lot of active players? I only ask because I’ve been gone for a while, and in poking my head in to have a look, things seem much deader than they used to be.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #2

Forums moved, and anytime that happens, you lose some people.
Younger players tend to gravitate towards Reddit.

–Gadget is still here

(Makshima Shogo) #3


(Persifonne) #4

When you start hypothozing how many of those conncurent logged in players are either




It gets kind of depressing/scary to image the true actual ‘concurrent unique subscription acct logged in by a person’ or whatever

(elitatwo) #5

Thank Bob for that!!

(Shailagh) #6

And remember each toon on an account counts as separate user.


(Beast of Revelations) #7

Well just being incognito on the forums for a couple of days, and even leaving 2 posts, it seems things are much more dead. Not a lot of new topics being created, not a lot of new posts or comments, not a lot of the same old faces I used to see. Seems a lot deader than it used to be. So I thought I’d ask.

(Baba Ji) #8

I see people “like” the dopamine button.

(DeMichael Crimson) #9

Yes, there’s a lot less forum users here than there was in the old Eve Online Official Forums. Basically when CCP closed down the old forums and activated these new forums, a lot of the posters there decided not to make the move to here.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #10

It seems to me that the forums have been getting slower and slower for years. There’s only so many times you can repost basic fitting threads, a bunch of years ago people would ask how to fit their raven/drake every few days. I think there are enough out of game resources that basic questions typically can get answered by a google search.

And reddit doesn’t even seem to have that much activity either. and when it does it’s propaganda posts, a massive come to nullsec circle jerk, or a massive complain about null circle jerk.

(Kapronov) #11

The layout/UI of this new forum is horrible, maybe that´s one reason why there are less people using it.

(Jandice Ymladris) #12

What Kapronov says.

The layout is really terrible especially for long threads. There’s a reason that most forums make a new page after a certain number of posts, so it remains manageable.

But nope, EVE forums need one huge long track of posts, making threads so long it gets ridiculous. Just makes it so tedious in participating in forum discussions.

(Sawako) #13

God awful forum design doesn’t help…

I noticed the lack of activity in the last forums compared to the original, but this one is like a ghost town.

Can anyone runs some stats on the number of threads in General Discussion and maybe Crime and Punishment (per month) for this and both the old forums - I guess the decline will be staggering, but it would be nice to know.

(JC Mieyli) #14

oope killed the forums
used to be 1000 drunken trolls every day now there are only 2-3

(Makshima Shogo) #15

I actually prefer the track on the side helps me get to the end faster and control it faster overall where as pages are really slow, but I guess having both could work where clicking on a page would jump to that section of the post.

(Shiloh Templeton) #16

Unfortunately, CCP senior mgt has decided customer outreach is just an expense they’d prefer to be rid of.

Eve blogs, which I loved reading when are first strated, are also dying with no encouragement/support from CCP. Reddit is better, but not nearly as good since it’s been co-opted by the CFC propaganda wing.

Casino’s, despite their faults, used to fund a lot of player involvement activities. CCP made no effort to fill the void when they shut them down.

Youtube has some activity because it offers a hope for monitization for the creators.

Where the heck is the VP of marketing at CCP?

(Sawako) #17

OK, I did some basic (as in pretty crap but indicative) number crunching on the old forums:

Original Forums
General Discussion - 1399 threads/month
Crime and Punishment - 221 threads/month

Second set of Forums
General Discussion - 786 threads/month
Crime and Punishment - 85 threads/month

Not sure how to work it out for this forum because /dumb :confused:


(Dinsdale Pirannha) #18

CCP was warned that the new forums were garbage, multiple times by oh so many people on the old forums. Naturally, those people were ignored, because hey, input from non-CSM players, what do they know?
Just add this to the list of terrible decisions by CCP management.

(Anderson Geten) #19

I actually like those new forums. Its took me time to get used to them, but I appreciate them.

(Chaka Chakalaka) #20

I still don’t like the new forums and I guess, I am not alone.
Since 2 or 3 months, I also cannot log in from my mobiles.
Was once a quite active forum user, but it seems, they don’t want me.
When I am on PC, I want to play the game and not read the forums.
It doesn’t work on my mobiles, so I am not here anymore. This is an exception to my rule :slight_smile: