I would like to donate forum scripts to Eve

I have been playing eve off…and on for 10 years. This rendition of the Eve forums seems dead comparatively speaking.

As is such, how can we as a community work to bring back the activity levels that were lost when this rendition went live?

I can and will donate the scripts.

Any other ideas?


Carry on!

Like with BOT Scripts to inflate user levels?

Sounds familiar

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Kaelynne Rose, you get it i.e bots in game replace actual players. But who cares… its money.

With that said, as in replacing these forums. They have all but died since replaced…which most believe was done on purpose.

Why not bring back the forums as they were since these are a huge fail. And no, not with bots posting.

Has CCP explained why they have stayed with these failed forums?


Just tell CCP to stay out of reddit and start using their own forums for a start.
From there you can tell CCP to give a bit more transparency.


You know where they need better bots?

Customer service. I get emails asking how the service was before I get the actual service. Derp.

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There are scripts already made that you can use here.

Avatar size and sub-category adjustment script
Muting script

Having to go to Reddit to see Devs posting there, giving out all the latest news and whatnot and here nothing much happens. There are obvious reasons for it but then they have to either address those or adapt.

THIS is the EVE forum so HERE the devs should post.

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You have a script to get that stupid “Do you want live notifications…” crap to stop popping up no matter what I do?

Or am I missing a simple fix somewhere?

CCP aren’t about to give up their cosy Reddit echo chamber anytime soon. I would prefer the old forums back, but they were already starting to die before they brought the new board software in anyway.

I thought most forum contributors were bots already?

“I’m quitting”

“Can I haz ur stuff”

“Eve is not a one-player game”

“Eve is 100% PvP”

I believe the idea CCP has is to use social media for… free advertising. But they need eve members to be active on those sites 'to spread the word" so to speak.

When these newer forums went live, they seemed to me like a dark janitors closet in the back of the CCP offices that were meant to be extremely uninviting with hopes by CCP that we would all abandoned the forums and head on over to Twatter etc.

It’s a covert method by CCP to use us as ‘free’ advertising tools. It was not transparent and is unwanted manipulation.

The old forums provided a life spark to the game itself. Basically the forums members and customers were ganked by CCP.

Lastly, 1/2 measures avail us nothing as they say… so either fix these shambles or just shut them down… what is the purpose of keeping these forums? CCP if you are going to have forums… make them top notch… you know $425,000,000.00 forums.

I am disgusted with this obviously.

Of course, real people, real players, not their capital alts. Community devs are now only two. Guard and Falcon. Thats enough for making announcements, the rest is in players hands and those devs that work on the game itself. I have to mention that CCP is now only around 250 people, and that is whoooole CCP with all the people working on CCP Nova, EVE, and maybe few other things, whatever they would be anyway (mobile games anyone?).

But people are leaving because the game is nothing “special” and “hyped”, the recent additions bringing more grind and less danger in null. Few ships and structures… And a lot of next gen space games are being developed around. Bit by bit, the gamers are split up between many games. Sometimes only returning to see whats changed, what is the state now.

EVE will be around for long time, but will not get 60k, 50k players anymore if not for some dramatic changes in EVE like maybe WIS.

Marketing must be aware of it.

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