Any ancient old-guarders left?

Hey there, guys and gals, anybody remember me?
Not here to stay (much), just dropping by to say hello, and wondering if any of the old not-quite-spam-but-not-really-relevant chatterboxes are still live and kicking around these parts.


I was actually brought back by accident here, by an old(er) posting in MD, over here:

Stumbled upon it while googling my old EVE-O name for other reasons.
Didn’t feel it would be appropriate to make the thread there.

I remember your name. Welcome back to EVE.

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In case anybody’s wondering, since my last “really active period” (6+ years ago), I’ve goten married, changed city twice and country once (moved to Germany more than a year ago), became a parent (of a now 5+ y.o. boy), wildly and repeatedly fluctuated in weight (50-ish kg wide range), screwed up my lower back (twice, still recovering from the second one), kept vaping (not even one single cigarette since), almost got more grey than black hair and generally gotten older and creakier, and STILL have not upgraded my desktop (i5-760 and GTX 460).


If you’re looking to come back, and I remember you as having deep pockets and a tendency to manipulate the markets, then have a look at the new EVE API. It brought lots of new and cool tools.

Here two to spark your interest:

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Thanks for the heads-up and reading resources, but as I was saying, this is more of a short courtesy visit rather than a permanent return (or at least that’s the intention).
Real life has a habit of eating up nearly all spare time, especially true this last year.

P.S. Maybe I’ll get back a bit more permanently when the kid can handle EVE with a co-pilot.
For now, it’s way too soon.
Maybe in 3-4 more years :slight_smile:


Umm, I just think I noticed something, which I don’t think I like.
Is this (3rd? 4th? iteration of the) forums really as little used as it seems to be at first glance?
I could swear that a decade back, forum activity level was at least one (if not two) order(s) of magnitude higher.
Say it isn’t so!


It is so. Reddit has taken a big liking by EVE players.

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It’s also the weekend…at least it still is for me.

Hi, i don’t know you. But welcome back :slight_smile: , i can relate to old and creaky. Recoverd from lumbago and then got sciatica :confused:

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(raises hand)


Of course I remember you, my main was some Ishtanchuck Fazmarai and we used to meet at WiS threads.

I’m no longer playing, won EVE in 2016 but since they added F2P option and opened the forums I’m still shitposting around out of pod and flogging CCP on how well they’ve killed the game.

Things took a turn to the worst in 2013 and now are just unsalvageable. Population is going down (and company size and revenue too) since development focused on the null sec way of playing (not just the nullsec space gameplay but why they play their way in their space) and that has left many people orphaned of what floated their boat.

And once you win EVE, there’s little turning back.

Just log in and see it with your own eyes if you need a heartbreak. :disappointed_relieved:

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Welcome back Akita T :grinning:

Pepperidge farm remembers.

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Now I’m almost too afraid to.

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I remember you Akita T, many things have changed in the last 5 or 6 years; noticeably most of the good posters have been replaced by even more mewling numbskulls that haven’t realised Eve is not the game that they’re looking for.

Also Tippia is no more, she saw the writing on the wall and quit before CCP started filtering out the sand from the sandbox and replacing it with a childrens ball pit.

Come back, even if it’s only to post on the forums, we need better posters tbh, the current crop is truly pathetic and can’t even shitpost well.


Hi !!

Your name sounds familiar but couldn’t remember from which thread.

Very humble statement.

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All the threads :slight_smile:
“Eve golden rules”? #2 post count when eve-search was still indexing? :wink: