Why Are These METAforums So Dead?

Where is everyone?

Still using the old one?

No replies to general for hours and hours.

Is it cuz of how these new forums look?

Where we all at?

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the problem look as this solution is not friendly at all. have some perks as the notifications in the right lower corner, but its all.

I hope they dont mute the old forum as promised.

All style low function and no soul.

This was a great idea on paper I bet.

It feels like it is hard to even find this new forum.

Do corps have a new forum home as well?

The roll out of a non-intuitive forum format has gone poorly.

Can we even change this dreary color format?

So many things I do not know about this weird new place.

But we got shiny emojis.:radioactive::no_entry::clapper:

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This new forum isn’t exactly easy to reach.

Posters are now divided into two different forums and resulted less activities on both.


I think is something more. In the past i had a relativelybusy invsion forum 3.0 with license. For details about the new license, i change to mybb and many users simple dont want learn again.

In this case, however, i think this software is WORST in nearl y all the important things of a forum, plus the resiatance of change.

I know the last couple of times I used the forum link off of the EVE site took me to the old forums.

It took me reading some of the posts to notice mentions of a “new” fourm…and a few posts after that to find a link to the new fourms.

That was two or so weeks ago, I don’t know if that is still an issue.

To be honest, I am not sure what is exactly wrong with the old forum. It’s perfectly modern still.



If you don’t like the way the new forums currently look, I’ve created Chrome and Firefox extensions that make slight alterations the layout, making it a bit more user friendly. You’re welcome to it if you want.

Just send me suggestions / feedback on it if it doesn’t do something you want it to do :stuck_out_tongue:


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It’s based on a heavily modified forum software that has long since been abandoned by its developer. Put a lot of stress on CCPs databases and every time they had server problems, the forums were gone with it.

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I did find that the old forum was having issues with searches but google usually solved that issue with their indexing.

Do you know the name of forum script that the old forum uses?

The fact posters are divided is the biggest problem. I don’t care whether CCP decides to cancel the new and revert to the old or if they block all new posts to the old to phase it out so long as they make decision and stick with it.

Only thing this new forum needs is weaboos, SJW hashtags, and just a little more bullshite and the Tumblr transformation is complete.

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Why are they so dead?

The average age of the Eve player base might have something to do with it. Us older folks tend to think a forum should be a forum, not this mobile friendly emoji filled excuse for one.



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The old forums had been dying for years due to heavy handed and uneven moderation, which pushed most of the discourse to 3rd party sites. I think CCP was hoping the new forums would be a new start but instead it looks like the final nail in the coffin.


Strange. The forum project is still being updated?

Existing discussions are largely continuing in the old forum, and unless you’re digging around you may not even be aware of this new forum so those are to points.

It seems unintuitive with a rather long tutorial which was a bit of a turnoff. On the whole it isn’t terrible unusable, but the layouts need work. What’s with having to first open a category to get to its sub forums or am I missing something there?

For what it’s worth, composing on iPhone is kinda less annoying than the desktop format lol.

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I try not to post from phones. Auto-correct can kick you in the ass at the worst moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


myself dont use phones at all, but have 12 computers.

Myself thinking very serious in create another account in reddit (use this maybe too much for other things) and ask questions with that, reddit will be USABLE if not the stupid tendence of downvoting a serious question, and passintg too much laterly in plex themes to think are not coordinated.