Do you prefer the new or old forums? [POLL]

  • Old forums had better design and better functionality
  • Old forums had better design but the new forums have better functionality
  • Old forums had better functionality but the new forums have better design
  • New forums have better design and better functionality

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Personally, I love the functionality of the new forums. I love that we can include images in our post, that topics can be arranged in order of size, activity, and views, that polls can be embedded in posts.

However, I’m not a fan of the design. The old forums had a very simple and uncomplicated design that worked. This design is more complicated and isn’t as pleasant to look at; it’s more heavy and cluttered. I especially miss the notification list that appeared when you hovered over it, and the big pictures of people who reply to a thread with their names and Likes underneath.

Is this change already set in stone? It would have been nice if CCP could have gathered feedback before making the change a sure thing.


It’s worse in every way. All they added is not needed for actual discussion. Hell there is even less usable space for reading.


Neutral so far, which makes me hopeful that as I become familiar with these ones they will become better.


New all the way for me.

Old forums were good, but this is better.


No contest. This is so much better already. They used to move my threads from GD (what was a general discussion anyway?) to subforums noone read. Now I go to Crime and Punishment, Industry, My Eve without even realizing it.


I agree that that feature is a very good one. Threads should get a lot more publicity know. How do you feel about the actual look of the new forum though? Imagine there was an option to combine the functionality of the new forum with the layout of the old. For me, that would be perfect.


I play Eve with two screens, and this new look/layout with my browser on fullscreen looks amazing


I’m okay with the style I wish it was more grey than black but that’s pretty knitpicky I suppose. :slight_smile:

This style is so bold like Twitter is, at least it’s a dark screen instead of Twitter’s brilliant white because that blows your eyes out in low light


Yours looks very neat, mine looks quite a bit fatter:

Looks much better when zoomed out to 80%:


We plan to use discourse for many years to come, and we’ll continue to iterate on it as we move forward with various plug ins, changes and other stuff :smiley:


I think, as for now the pool results are not accurate because more people who like new forums have visited it and browsed long enough to find this pool.

I think the grey should stay like it was on old forums, there should be bigger avatars and likes counter should be visible above this kind of signature at least. And there should be top and bottom in a scroll, not only “back”. Scroll should take less place, about 1/3 in width that is now. Reintroduction of pages would be nice. And full directory where you are at the top of the page at all times to get back.


Much better on mobile devices


As I’ve said a few times and will keep saying just for the sake of it, I hate infinite scroll, and since it’s the single most prominent design feature of Discourshit compared to other free forum software, it’s something that can’t be fixed.

I mean, “do we want pages or go for infinite scroll” was like the very first decission CCP had to make about the new forums… and they got it wrong.


So I just completed the tutorial, that was interesting and rather useful :slight_smile:


just had the 5th crash of the “new forums” …

either you fix it - or I’m outa here …

as it currently is… its unusable !

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@ISD_Stall mind enlightening us on where that can be started?


To start the tutorial:

  1. Click on your avatar on the menu bar.
  2. Go to the @discobot greeting.
  3. Read the message, to start it click the bookmark button.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Much obliged


Hi there, I have not heard of anyone else having issues with the forums crashing.

  • Would you be able to start a new thread in #feedback for me. Provide us with some basic information such as what platform you’re using (computer, android, mac).

  • What browser and any other details you think may be of use.

Hopefully someone might be able to help you.


Honestly, I prefer the old forum because the design was more simplistic and straight-forward, I feel like it was a very intuitive design.

Though the new forum had better functionality, but the design is somewhat confusing and the new user tutorial could’ve been more obvious. I never had a habit of talking to bots, so it kinda confused how some people got the tutorial completion badge…until I talked to the bot and then felt like an idiot.