Old forums

Best forums


I wouldn’t call it best. It had its own issues.


its better than this one.


Subjectively, I feel the same.

Obviously, also subjectively, CCP disagrees.

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So, a question aimed at the three of you so far :slight_smile:

– If you could have a magic wand, and make one change to these forums, what would it be?
Avalon and the other Developers have been making changes and improvements as they can, and a lot of those improvements have come from player suggestions.

  1. Pictures should be bigger, and might as well be square to show the whole portrait.
  2. Pilot corp/alliance info is nice to have
  3. The depth gauge seems redundant with the scroll bar in browser. Plus it wastes a bunch of screen room.
  4. the color isn’t great, ugly dark monotone grey, just bleh. Miss the OG forums, black for OP and then alternating greys for follow up posts made it easy to see where posts switched.

Undecided if I like the older forums with 20 posts/page, or the new forums with all posts on the same page.

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Not use Discourse? But that would probably not be allowed.

Pages - oh wait, that’s impossible, because the Discourse designers are clearly people who read Facebook comment threads and think that is just nifty. Infinite posts on an infinite scroll are impossible to read, regardless of what people say. Try reading a 28k Facebook comment thread and see how quickly you get bored of reading it and want to wander out of an open airlock.

Removal of the need to use 3rd Party programming to get what we want to see? Player Information (corp/alliance) next to their character names for example, or like the older forums, underneath it. And yes I know I can click to display that information, but oh look, not a lot of people have it and its an extra click to get basic information. I also already have to use a 3rd party script to get the forums to display even reasonably well - aka getting rid of that horrible post tracker thing.

So that answer your question?

  1. The portrait is fine, if i want to see someone just click on the pic.
  2. You can find this information about a player from other sources, i don’t think its needed.
  3. I like the built in scroll bar, with its time & date on it.
  4. The colours i love on this forum, makes for easy reading.

All of the above is personal taste.


If you want to see a specific person’s portrait you can just click on it.

I don’t have the quote handy right now but the web developer working on these forums (CCP Avalon), stated that corporation or alliance information is something to consider in the feature.

As to the issue of the scroll bar, the way the native browser scroll bar and the forum scroll bar work is fundamentally different. Your browsers scroll bar works allowing you to move up or down the rendered page. As discourse renders a section of a topic as you go, the browser scroll bar does not function fully. If you go to any major thread you will see what I mean.

The way the forum scroll allows you to move to any section of the thread, and it helps you by showing the date and post numbers as you move up and down the slider. If you’re moving through a large thread this allows you to in effect move to the area you want to go to, before the forum renders on your end, rather than rendering a section at a time with the browsers scroll bar.

My suggestion to you, would be to open your settings, and change the interface setting called theme to the ‘wide screen, experimental’ theme. This reduces the amount of room the scroll bar takes up quite drastically. This should help you :slight_smile:

Player scripts you may want to try



Thanks for not actually really reading what I said, but its late so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. But let me quote one part of your reply

I might add that scrollbar doesn’t appear on the mobile version of the site, so gg nailing mobile users for data. I don’t have it displayed because it doesn’t need to exist in the first place. I already use a modified 3rd party script to do this already (from before the “wide theme” implementation), and as I don’t read much into threads over 100 replies because it is just disgusting to try and read them all, especially with the frankly appalling appearance this forum has in regards to contrast.

The old forums had the right balance in regards to readability, conciseness of information on a page (in regards to how many posts appeared rather than the content of said posts) and where not as horrendous as this to navigate…

It’s amazing to me how short peoples memory is.
Just six years ago everyone hated old-new forums with passion. And now they are suddenly became the “best forums ever”, “easy to navigate”, “best designed” etc etc.

Need a reminder?



in general I like the bigger portraits as they indicate new posts, and with some characters I recognize them by their portraits. clicking to see bigger is something I will likely never do.

and imo it should just render the whole page and let my browser’s scroll bar do the work. it’s incredibly annoying trying to go to the OP and scrolling up all the way, or to the latest post and scrolling down all the way, and getting stuck as it tries to render more replies I don’t care about. Posts are ■■■■■■■ text data, which should be well, nothing, my browser should be able to deal with it just fine.

and yea I’m on the wide theme, it’s much better.

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which is half the fun of design, and all the nitpicking threads to follow :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those were interesting blogs that I had not read before, thank you for that.


Way better


Completely change the layout.

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On desktop:

  • Home will take you to the top of the topic
  • End will take you to the last post of the topic
  • Timeline bar to the right of a topic can take you directly to any point of the topic

On mobile the post counter (lower right) can reveal the timeline to take you directly to any point of the topic


How long can u go about new/old forums?

Quite a while actually. There are many problems wrong with this forum, most of which might now be fixable because of the API release.

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right, but my mousewheel moves the browser scroll bar and not the timeline bar. and in very big threads it gets stuck when trying to scroll with mouse wheel as it tries to load more replies. And using the timeline I can’t see what post I’m scrolling to.

And I really would like ctrl+f to bring up my browser’s search page function and not the forum’s search function. Although here are also issues with that as the forums only show a limited number of posts.