This new forum design

(Linus Gorp) #1

It’s waaaaaaay too web 2.0. Why can’t we have something that looks more like the current forums. I don’t like these. Not at all.

CCPls, you took away everything that made me log into EVE without spitting curses. Now you even take the forums away from me. I try so hard to be a loyal, paying customer with plenty of accounts but you make it really hard for me to justify spending any more time on this game.

Edit: Apparently I’m some “new user” and can’t put images into my posts. Years of shitposting down the drain. All for naught.

(Axhind) #2

Yea it’s a bit too much mobile phone asymptotically approaching zero information density feeling. Too flat and a lot of empty space makes it hard on the eyes. At least it is dark background for which I am eternally grateful.

(Dravos Tarimus) #3

I really liked the old forums, the design was simple and it worked. There was nothing wrong with it IMO. In fact, it was the best forum layout I’ve ever used. This one is more confusing to get to grips with and makes it harder to find what you’re looking for. It’s still possible, but not as obvious.

(Luc Chastot) #4

I do not like that it takes more effort to find the sub-forums you want compared to the previous forums. Categories are not separated and everything looks cluttered and hard to read; also, threads need a “go back to top” button.

(Dravos Tarimus) #5

Definitely this, and there should be a keyboard shortcut for it too

(Luc Chastot) #6

“Home” key. The “back to top” button is nice to have in addition to that, since it’s usually more intuitive to click that than pressing “Home”.

(Cristl) #7

If you tap the post count thingie on the bottom right corner (says eg 6/6) then you get a slider that scrolls to anywhere in the thread.

I’m pretty lost myself atm, but at least it works on mobiles now without being really annoying.

I’m a bit worried about data usage levels though. Also reddit-style shitty ‘amusing’ pics and gifs. Time will tell.

(Utremi Fasolasi) #8

The typeface is hard on my eyes. Give me serifs or give me eyestrain.

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #9

I think the functionality will be better - at least for mobile users, but the default text size etc.
It's too big and chunky.
And needs at the very least an option somewhere to alter this!

(Ag3nt Jita) #10

Stop whining

(Linus Gorp) #11

Necro’ing a thread 9 months after the last reply with a useless post. Someone’s really butthurt. And you’re seriously asking yourself why everyone thinks you’re a moron.