Holy jesus #%$k your new forum is utter trash!

Have you ever heard of simplistic designs which are slim, fast, practical and easy/fun/comfortable to use?
Its exactly the opposite of this bloated, lame af piece of garbage. Playing on 6 eve windows in same time or Overwatch in ultra settings/1440p put aside, I feel the need of a new PC just for your new friggin’ forums.

Give us the old one back and dump this as soon as you can.


Can insert “MAP” in place of word “forum” too.

Both are truth

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Just think. With all the time they spent on that new map we could have got a shiny new in game browser and be using dotlan like sane people used to do. Now i feel like I’m playing ‘‘alt-tabbing online’’.

I really miss using w-space mapping programs in the IG browser. Didn’t need to subject myself to ALT-TAB Windows 10 BorderlessWindow half-crashes where the explorer.exe siezes and becomes unresponsive.

I thought the last forum redo would make me quit posting, but this new version certainly will.

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Sorry to hear that. Can i have your stuff?

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That’s not how forum posting works.

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I am closing this topic. When you are prepared to offer constructive criticism that doesn’t sound like a rant, feel free to open a new thread.