The new forum design

(Grig Xur) #1

I honestly don’t like it, it’s too flashy, too much information on the Topic screen, and its too much White and grey. Sorry but at this stage I prefer the old one.

(Axhind) #2

Of all the things to complain about you pick too much information? If anything the information density is way too low and they need to cut down on empty space. This is eve and not twitter, we are used to dealing with more information than a single sentence and an icon.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #3

This is indeed a let-down. But at least we can emoji/meme spam now. Yaaaay.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #4

I’m a twitter junkie–I’m quite content with the streamlined design and responsiveness of live replies. :dealwithitparrot:

(Dominous Nolen) #5

I’m fine with streamlining things as long as have some control over the experience.

Hopefully they can tweak the width of the portal, put back in corp names, likes, sigs etc

(Grig Xur) #6

What I meant was too much information jammed into one page, I’m from the forum generation before Facebook, Twitter, etc was a thing, my first reaction was a blurred mess.

(Axhind) #7

I think that’s more due to new “modern” design without any borders where you end up wasting tons of brain power on identifying what belongs where. This is probably why the new generation likes twitter. That’s as much text as common human can handle after they have identified what belongs where :smiley:

Introducing a bit different colour around the actual posts / forums would help a ton with readability and would make it far easier to parse. Images are cool but they don’t really convey much information unless you know every single person on the forums by their image and that is less than likely to be a case. They should replace the image by DEV/ISD/CSM/Alliance tag instead IMHO. That would actually be somewhat useful, although removing that part would not be an issue either from the useful information stand point.

(Kristin Sabrioski) #8

Are you kidding me, I LOVE THIS NEW DESIGN :smiley:

(Akrasjel Lanate) #9

It will be hard to get used to this new design, but first they new make the new forum the default one.

(Tom Forager) #10

I built a little script/stylesheet to try to correct a bit of the weirdness. It basically just maximises all the things;

(Mizhara Del'thul) #11

It’s a good start, and you’re doing the Lawd’s work here. Let’s hope the actual forum design gets worked on though, because there’s still a lot of improvement this place is in dire need of.

(Nora Maldoran) #12

Quantity of words doesn’t equal their quality.
That’s why I personally like Twitter. Condensed as much as possible.

I was about to agree with you on the lack of displayed information, @Axhind.
One can not see immediately what corp/alliance the author is in or his/her post-count.

But is this information actually relevant for a good conversation?
It might even be contrary to it.
Example? The “Grrrrr Goons”-Meme on r/Eve. In-game politics can create borders between people.

And if you still need the information, you can click on peoples faces.

(Tom Forager) #13

I suppose :). I do like it overall, though. Maybe eventually there will be some kind of EvE Forum Enchancement Suite (EFES) :P.

(Tom Forager) #14

Despite the constant negative press covfefe

(Mizhara Del'thul) #15

ogod don’t tease me like that…

I do like a lot of the new features, definitely, but from a usability/readability standpoint, these boards are a downgrade at this point. If this is user moddable enough to eventually allow for customizing for personal preferences, it’ll be a lovely new upgrade but for now I feel it’s important to point out areas where things can be improved.

(Tom Forager) #16

Hehe might make for a fun project actually.

All’s fair in love and covfefe.

(Axhind) #17

Twitter is not condensed information it is complete lack of information. Complicated subjects (eve is complicated) demand a bit more characters than whatever twitter is using ATM.

However, you do have a good point with alliance info not being directly visible. Will prevent grrr goons in the short term although most will quickly learn who we are and start doing the grr goon once again.

(Nora Maldoran) #18

I won’t keep arguing about Twitter. Just let me quote a guy that knew a thing or two about writing.

But I agree in general. EVE topics usually really need more than 140 characters.
Luckily we are not restricted in characters here - as far as I can tell yet. (Of course there has to be a limit somewhere to prevent abuse. Ah, you get the point.)

(Rain6637) #19

all this needs is a eve-o forums gold type addon

(Align Planet1) #20

I like it.