The new design is clunky, a waste of space and lacks old features

Taking a few minutes to look at the new forums, the overall design and UI may look more “polished” than the old one, but has a severe decrease in readability and density of information.

Let’s take a look at a side by side comparison of the forum index:

-The new forums shows 6 categories that are listed with no space in between.
-The old one shows 12 categories, that are also grouped into 3 general areas with a nice visual separation between them.

Now let’s compare the view of the categories themselves:

-Already you can see that the new design takes up more horizontal space(tho a lot less atrocious waste of space than on index)
-The new forums shows pictures of users instead of usernames that participated in the thread. This is completely useless information.
-The “new or updates topic” notification blocks the colums headers “Replies/Views/Activity”, making you guess what those numbers mean.
-The dev tag has been moved to the middle of the screen, mixed in with other random user portraits, instead of being uniquely and obviously availiable to the left side of the topic name.

This continues in every section and aspect of the UI design.

tl;dr The new UI is a downgrade regarding usability, clarity and density of information in favour of being “shiny”.


The new design on mobile is an improvement.


I do agree the space usage is a bit weird… and could do with some tweaking…

I especially would like to be able to “mute/hide” certain forum sections… the foreign languages, and “noise” subfora…

I do however find these new forums extreme easier to read, and I dont feel like I need new glasses all the time.

and since its all on discourse I suspect itterations on it will be a LOT easier…


We’ve actually been considering moving the localized forums to the bottom of the listing, given that they take a lot of index space.

Do you think that would help?


That would def help a lot, but also the option to somehow sort “favorites” if possible… and as mentioned a mute entirely would be really nice…

Will there be some form of “subscribe/follow” to posters, like devs, and friends, allies?


I’d feel a bit shafted having my language moved so far down the page - but I think it would alleviate the damage to my mouse’s scroll wheel. It’s really tough situation that deserves more input.


It will help but not much. Even the sections that have less sub-forums are incredibly fat compared to the old layout.


It’s super easy to move things around, I’ve moved them to the bottom to see how it looks - check the index now :slight_smile:


It looks more dynamic, but i agree - some points are (again, if i may say that) aesthetics over functionality. Especially using less space for things like “popular links” and “suggested threads” - but use more than one small line per post.


I quite like the new design. It’s very easy to say something, rather than faffing about with random buttons.


Is there a way to filter out the localization forums that aren’t applicable?

Can we dismiss the “new” posts section somehow so we don’t see a massive list of items there and only get what is relevant to subscribed threads or feedback of topics we’ve posted in?


You can actually mute entire sections of the forums. In the top right corner you’ll see a circle, clicking on that gives you options to Track, Watch, leave normal, or mute notifications for that section.


GREETINGS CCP FALCON (caps intentional)

I am a person who interacts using a keyboard and mouse. Please consider that in further creation of the forums, as going for the whole “unified over all designs thing”… not a good move. It is like how windows got rid of the start menu in Windows 8, wanting to make it easier to create stuff. They then brought it back in Windows 10 because it was a bad idea.

Another couple of things: A forum post would be better being a different shade to the rest of the forum itself (much like the current forum is) to help it stand out and please… please fill out the entire width of the forums. Having so much dead space, which I presume is for someone on a touch device, to scroll up and down for historical posts taking up around a good 1/5th of the actual forum area is a poor choice.

Move that option to one in the literal space either side, which is somewhat faded out, but when used does the same job. I’ll have a more in depth look when I get back home tonight, but so far… I’m impressed at appearance, but it definitely needs a lot of work in getting into something actually properly usable.


Oh thank Bob… Wait reply character limits?


That mutes notifications, but does not “remove” from UI… but that was a nice useful info piece… thanks!


Yup. Would rather be able to hide them entirely if not applicable.


For a moment I was like “hey, this doesn’t look bad”. But then I visited the link and remembered how horrible Discourse is. Threads would actually be readable if that weird mongoloid date slider wasn’t taking half the posting area for some reason. Seriously, what even IS that?

The entire design of the forums seems like its sole purpose was to waste screen real estate. And if your goal was to optimize it for mobile; congratulations, failed horribly.

This needs more work. Really, a lot more work.


That was my feel aswell at first. However, when I tried to zoom out I found it to be a lot better. I settled on zooming out by 2 steps.


Are there any options of resizing the page font (aside from changing the default zoom level of my browser or font options)

The categories list/thread title etc feel alittle large IMO.


If everything is set defaulted to “normal” we’re still notified of new posts until you mute the section creating it as far as I can tell. There appears to be no option to set a topic new. I can only set to to a valued time interval and I’d rather just turn it off.

Also +1 for being able to reply to a thread while still moving around in other sections. Nice.

Example after 5 minutes of AFK:

Edit: I still get notifications of “new” posts in the Russian localization based posts in “new” posts even though I’ve muted the entire section @CCP_Falcon