Front page layout

  1. Cant stand seeing the top 3 posts of a subforum. It just makes scrolling through the list to find the one you want take that much longer. And since they (subforum names) arent even visually differentiated very well from said post topics it can be hard at a glance to even tell whats a subforum and whats a thread topic from within one. Especially if the thread title contains certain keywords one would normally associate to a subforum title.
  2. Too much space is taken up on mobile device layout with a character portrait and name for every post. Sooo much wasted space makes browsing tedious.
  3. If i go into “general discussion” what I want to see is “general discussion” not a whole crap ton of different subforums clumped into “general discussion.” If you want to provide that option fine, but if I select the option to only view GD when I open GD then that selection should be persistant. I shouldnt have to make the selection every single time I click on GD.

With all the things above, by the time I scroll through all the crap to find the subforum I want and then filter out all the unwanted subforums INCLUDED in that subforum to see what I want I’ve already ran out of time and patience with it and I dont even care any more. I rarely even look at the EVE forums since these new changes and from the lack of new topics I see when I do bother to go through the hassle, I think a lot of ppl must feel the same way.
Dont get me wrong, I appreciate the efforts to implement new forums and I understand and approve of the reasons behind it. It reminds me a lot though of the changes made to the camera system. The reasons behind it were valid as was the need for it. Getting rid of “legacy code” in order to make new things possible. However they could have done so while leaving the basic functionality and default feel of the camera intact. Instead they chose to change things to something they thought would be better or neat and ended up making something that the user had to actively change the available options and disable “features” just to make it usable. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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To your first point, I assume your talking about how it looks on your phone (as the problem isn’t as prow on your pc).

If you click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner, next to your profile picture, you should choose the “Desktop view” option.

This will separate the forum names and the forum thread names.

Have to say though, that after spending a few weeks in here, I never use the front page anymore. You learn to avoid it.
Which in it self say alot about its function and layout.

But using the desktop mode on a phone brings a whole host of other issues with it that make the experience even worse than what he described. See EVE Online Forums for details. Not sure how it is on a tablet but on a phone with a 5 inch screen, the desktop mode is not usable.


Desktop view on a phone is unusable. Even MORE wasted space, which I didnt even think was possible. Even if it did do any good, if ppl are supposed to use desktop version on a phone instead of mobile… its broken.

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Well, I guess it’s up to ones personal preference how much a problem is a problem, put together with what phone you hold.

I wrote my opinion on the new forum in New forum from a mobile perspective.
As you can see, I don’t have that big an issue as you.

Not saying the new forums are mobile friendly, far from it, but it’s bearable - just.

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I find these statements amusing. We give other people slack for their work while perfection is expected from us at our own workplaces and failures to deliver perfection are imposed with sanctioned and punishment. We are “ok/satisfied” with mediocre quality in the goods we buy while we must deliver perfection at work. Kind of hilarious.

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Don’t confuse technical build quality (what you are building at work) with personal taste (what I talking about when I made my comment).

The forum here actually works to a functional degree (admittedly with some bugs on some devices) but the way it works leave much to be desired.

Just remember; personal taste is something we can discuss to the end of time.
One mans dream is another mans nightmare.

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A new thing I really dont like… pageless threads. Has any thought not been given to the fact that its much easier to find an old post or go back to re-read something when you have pages as a reference? Not to mention scrolling through 400 posts just to get to more recent ones. Srsly? Btw changing general discussion to “communication center?” Is that supposed to make it less confusing? Cause it doesnt. And how many god forsaken “gameplay centers” do we need?

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No. Why? Because if post is that important to you, you can simply press bookmark button and save it for later. Not to mention you now can simply search in topic much faster than crawling through pages in the old forum (“I remember that post was somewhere in the first 10 pages, gotta open them all”)

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You dont go through bookmarking ever post that might be relevant. You might just occassionally want to reference a post thats relevant from an earlier point. Dont be a fanboi.

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I really don’t understand why someone needs to remember pages and locations for “every relevant post” instead of just using bookmarks.
But maybe it’s just me. I have better things to spend my time instead of tracking “relevant posts” in MMO forum after reading them once (for important stuff there’s always surprise a bookmark).

Anyway after calling me a “fanboi”, this conversation moved to nonconstructive zone. So feel free to proceed to Discourse forum and whine for missing functionality there. (Spoiler: no one will implement this obviously)

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That’s an excellent quote.



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