New forum layout is still completely broken and unusable. New forums are a failure

Can we just bring back the old forums already?
Can barely even type or access text options on mobile.

New feature: giant pop up when you try to type.

New feature: banner clips through your text window. And can’t be removed.

New feature: scroll a million times because for some reason dialog is vertical and zoomed in 2000% with no clear to read, distinct categories and sub categories.

New feature: random stuff taking up space at the bottom of the screen. Also vertical.


We need less new features and instead focus on making a functional readable layout of which the old forum already has where categories are small and easy to read with all their contained subcategories neatly contained within no intrusive pop ups or banner or options clipping in the screen.

How can anyone claim this layout displayed in the pictures above is more functional than the old layout?

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I claim it, because on my device its working well.
For a potential fix it might be helpful for @CCP_Avalon to know what device, browser and OS you are using.

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Forums are fine. You are a grumpy human. The developers have been incredibly attentive and active on the forums, and continuously monitor and make improvements. It may be more constructive to address the topic naming your problems and why they annoy you, and maybe propose potential solutions or mention things you think might help. It does nobody any good to perpetuate negativity where there is room for constructively contributing to the forums.


Forums are fine.

The new forums are not fine. There are fundamental flaws in the design, UX, and code. I’m not going to cry to keep the old forums, but this new thing needs a rework from the ground up. There are some terrible flaws here that is going to take more than a “patch” to fix.


They are, yes.

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Most people are not having that issue with their UI. While there appears to be a problem for you, I would suggest giving us information about your device / software. Without that information it’s going to be next to impossible for anyone to help you.

I browsed this forum on an outdated Nokia that doubles as a hammer when we cant find one. Everything looks great.

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It was perfect them other day, then they changed something on the ninth or seventh, and got this.




Classic non constructive salt post by the OP.
I am currently on vacation using the new forums for the first time with an android OS on a tablet and a custom made android based OS on my old galaxy S4 and there are no problems so far.

On my Lumia 920 with latest Windows Phone 8.1 and the standard Internet Explorer of the OS, I also notice glitches. For instance:

  • the log in button | Dev Posts | Search function magnifying glass | Hamburger menu hover below the black top bar where the eve logo is and hover over every other content, both in landscape and portrait orientation.
    This changes when you log in and the smaller character portrait is displayed instead of the button.
  • these buttons do not disappear, regardless how much you scroll down. Sometimes in portrait orientation they move up properly into the black title bar when I scrolled down far enough and pop out again when I scroll up again.
  • in Portrait orientation I also have the same problem with a very narrow topic title column and wide post counter, user, topic age columns
  • the very tall black top bar with the eve logo never disappears or gets more narrow.
  • only in Landscape orientation there is a post counter indicating where you are. Portrait orientation has no post counter.
  • there is a back button appearing sometimes, sometimes not but always right where your fingers are placed to scroll along the threads.
  • in Landscape orientation I also have a huge empty area next to the content area, displaying nothing at all (flash elements maybe, which I have not installed on that browser?)
  • the text box in portrait mode is tiny, even with hidden preview. So much useless wasted space with borders below/left/right of the box.
  • might just be my phone but I have considerable issues with switching repeatedly between landscape/portrait mode
    Sometimes the forum reloads and returns nothing but an empty gray area and I have to reload again to see content, when I switch orientation from portrait to landscape while the text box for replies is active I cannot scroll any more and the top of the text box is off screen.

Just a few observations countering the “Forum is fine” statement.

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Good, now scroll down. Then open the menu. Then try typing something to see how much of your text is visible at once.

Notice how the “Create Topic” button text is beginning to leave the bounds of the button on the right? They did a shoddy job, and pretending that everything is ok is what leads to crap like this to begin with. Take it from a web developer, this is not “fine”.

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Any web developer worth their salt would be testing this on different resolutions. This isn’t a device specific issue, so please stop acting like it’s only a problem “for some people.”

It’s a problem for devices with certain resolutions. Which would have been detected had any of the devs spent 30 seconds looking into Chome’s dev tools. But considering how shoddy the actual implementation is, I’m going to assume minimal testing.

Besides the UI issues, the forums are plagued with lots of other issues that have been discussed in multiple threads before.


You would think by now, given how saturated our world is with different user devices, that folks would understand that any given platform might not work with 100% efficiency on every single person’s individual device. There will always be a disparity, to some degree, in both personal and technological experiences. That being said, present your opinions and your technology issues to the Devs and stop demanding that because it doesn’t work for you everyone must revert back to the “old” way of doing something (i.e. the old forums). What if the old forums didn’t work for some people but worked for you individually? Would you be pleased, then? Well, we’d find ourselves back to square one but with a whole new cast of characters because someone else would be complaining in the exact same fashion you are about the current state of affairs. Don’t get me wrong, I think your opinion is welcome…this is a forum afterall. I recommend more reasonable approaches to future complaints, that’s all. Cheers.


stop demanding that because it doesn’t work for you everyone must revert back to the “old” way of doing something

No one is demanding that we go back to the old forums (maybe save a few “hissssssss change” type people). We’re pointing out some pretty big flaws in the new forums, and are being met with people saying “Naw, it’s fine.”

Things are getting heated here because multiple people are complaining about bad implementation, and are being met with “Everything is fine.” We want fixes, and will stop complaining when the fixes happen.

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Old forum worked on 100% of devices.

I’m angry because this a step backwards.

Then, for the sake of providing enough information, could you answer @ISD_Stall’s query regarding what mobile OS and browser you are using (and if you know, what resolution your device is running)? Having such information is quite useful when it comes to tracking scaling problems.

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