New forum from a mobile perspective

(bbb2020) #1

Let it be said from the start. I’m one of the relative few people that use a Windows phone, so don’t know how effected users of other brands are.

Over all I like the new forum look but definitely have to agree with the complaints others have made. To much empty space and wasted space to the background picture.
Luckily we don’t have the background picture on the mobile version of the forum.

So what is good, bad and ugly about reading the Eve forum on a mobile?

First off is the fact, that the text now wrap itself to the screen size and not like on the old forum, where the screen had to scale the whole website to the text.
That made it impossible to read the forums without a magnifying glass.

Imagine reading this on a 5" screen.

The new forum is so much more readable.

The fact that the fonts are bigger and the text wrap itself can make for some lengthy post that on a mobile would require a lot of scrolling, so thanks to the designers for this little beauty.

We have the scrollbar too :smiley:

But let’s not get carried away just yet. There are still some bugs in here.

Polls don’t show up right.

Unless you tilt the phone.

Same thing about the “New Topic” dialog box.

And tilted.

So how do some of the new features work on my phone?
Lets try out the new watchlist.

Maybe not.

Again, tilted is better.

Okay, only small bugs that don’t really have an impact on the overall positive impression of the new forum, so lets dig deeper.

The really ugly aspects of this new design philosophy from CCP has already been addressed by some people in here, and that’s the idea that the whole concept of a forum has given way to a more Twitter -or as I see it, a Facebook / News site appearance.

When you first open you are greeted with all the latest headlines from all the different sub categories on the forum.
On a mobile device that is probable not the best way of doing it as it take up too much real estate.

Why do I have to scroll to find the subforum I want to see?

Of course there is one way of mitigating the problem somehow, by pressing the “Menu bar” and choosing “Desktop View”.

Better but the problem is still there.

To get this into some perspective, lets go back to the now old forum startpage to see how that looked on a phone.

Small font but easily navigated to the subforum of your choice.

Another good thing about the old design was that you could collapse the forums you did not have an interest in.

Now we can navigate very easy and quick to where we want to go.

The problem with the “headline” approach is, that you can’t see what subforum a given post is from so you actually cant use that headline to anything.

If a user come to your forum CCP, it is because they want to find an answer to a problem they have or to post on a given subject, and to do that, they have to go to the right subforum from the get go.

On a mobile device it would be very nice if you could remove the “headlines” and use the saved space to make a real portal to your new and improved forum.

But lets say you did find your way in to the subforum you liked, this is what you are greeted with.

Somehow it reminds me more of an email program than a forum.

How many post could you see on that picture? 9!

Yes I know the fonts are to small to read but this is forum post overview, without scrolling.

Anyway. This was my first post on the new EvE forum, done on a PC, but will be read mostly on mine and probably by many others, on their mobile devices.

It’s is a big step up but still lacks something to make it really great on a phone.
God job CCP. I’ll give it 8 of 10 (old forum was 4 of 10).

Edit on 22.06.2017 to clarify picture / text relations.

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #2

This is an awesome post, very detailed with screenshots to help clarify the issue.

(bbb2020) #3

A few more Display bugs discovered regarding mobile use of the forums.
One is addressed to @CCP_Avalon.

Clicking on somebody’s name will bring up a box with more info on that person.
That box is not scaled for mobile use.

Wonder what the rest say

We just tilt the phone to see.

Nope. It’s stuck in a fixed position.

If you tilt the phone and then click on a persons name, the box comes up right.

How it should look like

Of cause that is only till you put the phone upright again.

Now the box is stuck on the other side

And now here is where @CCP_Avalon comes in.
He made an experimental wide theme to let you widen the forum at the expense of the background. Jolly good :smile:

On a phone that should have no effect, as I said in the first post, we dont have the background picture on the phone.

Phone without the experimental wide theme.

Phone with the experimental wide theme.

How did you f… that up? :laughing:
Did you make the script from Minmatar technology?

Guess that is why it is experimental. :wink:

NB: The wide theme bug also show when the phone is hold horisontal.