Sorry i really really hate the new forums

(tiberiusric) #1

Just everything about them, the design just looks appalling, im sorry. it just looks a mess compared to old ones. The functionality seems great its really the design

(T'KNaath) #2

You are not alone.

(Obidiah Kane) #3

Its a place to read text, what do you specifically need or expect? It is strange to have an emotional response to such a thing.

Its clear its been designed to work on phones and tablets as well as desktops, and it does all the old one does, and more…but the buttons are in slightly different place and displays the info in accordance to modern design principles.

(tiberiusric) #4

Strange? its not strange at all lol. The fact is User Experience is extremely important, how a site works and looks is important. if you think forums are jsut a place to read text, then thats your choice. For me it isnt.

Everything just looks like a wall of text, especially on front page its just an eye sore you cant say that looks good in the slightest. This is my constructive criticism, may not be yours but thats my feeling on it. It feels like they have just thrown a forums container in the middle of the website. Certainly does not feel like a Eve site in the slightest.

Oh an every site supposed to work on mobile etc, thats the norm, doesnt mean you have to have crap design!
Honestly i dont think its the forums per say, its just the design


Not to be pessimistic… There isn’t going to be any change or rollbacks.


You know Reddit was always the alternative.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #6

it took me about a week to get used to, during which I was bouncing back and forth to the old forums. its different, and i’m not entirely sold on it. but its not as bad as I first thought.

(tiberiusric) #7

Once you get into a post it’s not too bad. Still need a lot of work design wise. Feels like a vanilla forum been thrown in and every possible feature has been enabled. It looks messy and confusing . Like a dev found it and went oh these look cool lets throw them on. The front page is just a wall of white text with no real design and it’s confusing to read. In fact I barely log into them now it that bad.

And what’s with all lower case titles for posts? Did devs even bother to do anything with these before even putting it live. For a professional gaming company this is really amateurish tbh.

(Kenneth Endashi) #8

the welcome message was condescending and rude. “new users can do little until we get to know you”

like seriously? i have played eve online consistently for four years. “get to know” me… please.

this reeks.

(Chaka Chakalaka) #9

Tablets? Why do i have to read tiny 1mm text on my tablet without the possibility to zoom the text to a comfortable readable size?

Even on a pc the first step is, to zoom the text with shift+mousewheel.

(Persephanie Mae) #10

I HATE the new forums and i am NOT SORRY about it!

(Naye Nathaniel) #11

It is slow - it is confusing - it looks like a freeware of better and faster pro version…