Don't like the new forums:

On hover no longer renders a preview, no signatures, tiny little avatars and I haven’t even attempted to read the posts yet. Yeah, there will be a gazzilion more posts like mine but it says feedback and this is mine. I don’t like the colors, I don’t like the tiny little avatars all in a line and I’m wondering what exactly are they trying to tell me. But I raised hell about the hangar videos and I suspect this will have the same (zero) impact on CCP policy. At least game play is still a thing, no matter all the crappy new stuff that tends to litter the GUI that I pay about the same attention to as CCP pays to my little rant.


I’ll keep this simple … I do not like this new format one bit ! I’ll give you one piece of advice … “if it ain’t broke it don’t need fixing” return to old set up …


Don’t you think it’s so minimalist and cool? It’s pretty hip and rad, right my fellow kids?

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This is very hip, cool, and radical! Whenever I showed the old website to my friends, they all called me a nerd. But now with this fresh and hip design, I can whip out my iPhone 10s+ load this bad boy up and we would all jam to some sick beats and forget about it in 2 seconds!

Seriously though, this is such a boring design. Sure the old one was too, but this just feels like it was made for mobiles and nothing else.


I believe the whole design was intended for mobiles indeed.

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It’s uttter crap.

goodbye forums …


This new forum-thing is fresh and nice. It’s a different style and so not for everyone, but I like it!

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This is like one of those free forums that new corps usually find on the internet somewhere.
Seriously… did someone get paid to make this decision?
Horrible in every way.

The style is ugly… Can we have some skin looks like the old forum ?

Have CCP done away with the General Discussion section, the only one anybody ever really read and used?

If so, then even by the standard of the recent abysmal decisions by CCP this is one of the dumbest things they have done for some time.

I can only hope that I am just too stupid to find the GD section.

Please, let it be me and not CCP that is so stupid.

Its under the “Communications Centre” section, first link.

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You can find General Discussion here: #communications:general , it belongs in the #communications category.

There may have been some confusion by the fact that the Communications section was named General discussion but renamed the other day to avoid confusion.

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