These forums are sad

i need a replacement to EVEgate. I can’t research any responses to my corporation search outside of the game. Even here on the game forum. Whose idea was it to nerf the forums lol.

Actually. You know what? The Forums were too useful! People shouldn’t be able to click each other’s names and see who they work for, like they can do in the game. That kind of information just isn’t available in New Eden, unless you’re logged in, bro. Walk over to your desktop, open the game launcher, verify 17k people are online, and click Play.

Buddy now you’re verifying corporation invitations and everything else. Just like you used to do. On Eve Gate.

Was that a CSM objective?

Anyway these forums are trash. I get it, we have to use them to save money so Eve Online may continue to exist. But they’re just really, really, sucky and I think the worst outcome is how they make the game look bad. The game looks sick, disjointed and anaemic because of these forums. Like, “This is how they communicate? My god. The poor animals.” At least put us on vBulletin, damn. This is sad, dude. Really sad. A game can age gracefully. This is disgraceful.

Not only do they make the game look bad. They just suck in general. All the way around. I mean I don’t want to trash these forums, but they don’t even load all posts in a thread. It’s only text, where are these forums hosted? Canada? North Korea?. How much bandwidth or performance is that really saving? And we sit here scrolling around waiting for lines of text to load like it’s 1989 and we’re communicating via Commodore terminals (which would ironically load faster). It’s only text. load all the posts, please. who needs all this javascript

Nah, they’re good forums, though

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